It Breaks My Heart !

It breaks my heart so bad that he did not say anything about " mother's day " .
we lost our child 2 years ago with wrongfull death and he did not bother even to talk to a lawyer ...It breaks my heart that there has not been any sex after that and everynight he sleeps on the couch and try to avoid me . And he never says what is wrong really ....!!!! I asked a few times if i have had any issues and problem I try to fix them and he says " you have been an excelent ,perfect wife " still he does not come to bed !!!
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OMG! You lost a child?!! Your only child perhaps? The devastation to both of you must be tremendous. Counseling, counseling, counseling for both of you. If he won't go then go yourself. At some point you may need to do an intervention for him. I mean he just maybe scared of ever loving a person like that again. And if you will forgive me you are also capable of talking to a lawyer. So really, the lose of a child is not a trivial thing. Get help!

He does not talk at all ...! we went to a counselling and everything went well ,and the night we came back home ,again he slept on the couch in the living room . No seems he has forgotten very well about the loss of our baby ,because it was in valentine day ,and this valentine the first anniversary of our son ,he bought me a card ,but never talked about our baby !

With such a traumatic event I would expect many counseling sessions would be needed. You will need to decide whether he and your relationship are worth it or if the best thing is a separation. A therapist will be able to help _you_ arrive at a decision and support you along your chosen path.
My prayers go with you.

It sounds as if he has never come to terms with your loss, is not prepared to take any measures to come to terms with the loss and either is unaware of how his response impacts on you or does realise but is either unable or unwilling to deal with it. I assume that you have talked to him about it?