Court Tomorrow

I have been in sexless marriage for 10 years on may 18. It is also my bday may 11. We have three kids. I will never forget our wedding. We waitted to have intercoarse. I was so exicted i wanted to do it as soon as possible in my beautiful dress him in his tux. But he said no thats weird. So that nite in the honeymoon suite i wasnot expecting to undress my self. I was longing for him to look at me in my sexy bra and panties. All he did was jump into our hottub close his eyes and fold his hands on his chest. I felt so dejected. I had to initate everything and it was like having sex with a corpse!! The second night was no different i thought boy that was strange. Its his turn to lead. He did nothing. We layed next to each other no touching coversation nothing. As we are checking out he bitched me out for not putting out. Its been over six months now. The closer it got to may i wanted out . I knew 4 years ago it was over when we went out to corn maze late at nite our 3 year old daughter begging to go. It was dark we had one flashlight! Also i was carrying our 9 month old in a sling on my chest and had our 6 year old son who he adopted. I said please you lead us and dont lose us. We he and our oldest got out lost us and he left me in there. Our daughter got cold tired and wet cuz she was potty trainning. I was in there for atleast 45 min. I was so distraught. He then said to me god gave him special knowlege and he is elect and god did not give it to me as he laughed! Along with no sex he has strange belief system twisted to serve himself. There are no words of praise acts of service or quality time together. I manage 90 percent of the home pay the bills open mail weed and fertilzed mow the yard cook clean do laundry shop bath the kids and work three 12 hour shifts as rn so he was very shocked we i told him the pain is too great i cant go on with no affection or sex. I hope the judge will give me rights over the house and give him a date to get out. He is on work comp hopefully i wont have to pay him allimony . Good luck for those of you wondering to stay or go!! Im getting out!!
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I'm glad for you. Keep us informed.

After court...well all went well judge gave him two weeks to get out he is still in total shock and denial.. I guess the relationship worked well for him but im done being his mother

good for you, sounds like a horrifying situation. You will do much better on your own. The road ahead may be rough with the transition but it will be better in the end. Good luck!

It sounds that above all that you have your head fully screwed on and that he hasn't. When he came out with the God stuff were you not just tempted to ask "Are you crazy?"<br />
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Good luck!

oh hon, you are making the right move. your H is an emotionally abusive a$$, i was almost intears reading his treatment of you and babies in the maze. let the judge know what you've been thru and keep us posted! *hugs*

I take my hat off to you. You have obviously gone above and beyond your wifely duties. I cant believe you mow the lawns as well.<br />
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My advice, is total up the bill for his actions and present it to him. This account is way overdue!<br />
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Stay Strong & Goodluck

Congratulations! What a nightmare. Please don't raise your children in that dysfunction.