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I wanted to see if others wrote about being in a  "Sexless Marriage" on the internet , I googled it and this group came up, I read a few stories, joined this group and posted a story. I received an amazing amount of encouragement and I noticed the wisdom that comes from a group of people with similar experiences. It is comforting to find a place where one feels like they fit in especially with such a circumstance as a sexless marriage which is not openly talked about in general.
I am not certain how it all works yet, what the proper etiquette is in replying to likes and comments, or how friends, circles and fans work but as I read the your stories and comments I am finding more clarity for my situation in your words of hope,encouragement, truth and wisdom.
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Just be yourself and speak your mind. Chances are most of us have experienced many of the same excuses, emotional roller coasters and sleepless nights.

Speaking my mind is no problem, I am blunt to a fault . Thank you

Excellent! You should fit in here just fine.

Welcome to the group that no-one wants to join!! <br />
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Don't worry too much about etiquette. I think most people are happy to know that you appreciated their comments on your stories or posts. Some people answer each one individually - I admire such good manners, but I don't think it is really necessary. Others may disagree with me.<br />
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I encourage you to read a lot, add comments to stories and forum topics that interest you and generally take an active part in the Experience.<br />
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As for fans, I suggest you click on their user name and check out their profile before adding them as friends. For myself, I have the following guidelines which work well for me but of course, you may feel differently.<br />
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I do not add anyone who is under eighteen; anyone with whom I do not share an experience - unless there is a GOOD reason to do so, and no-one who is seeking gratuitous sex or webcamming or whatever. I also avoid those with "256,789 friends" - OK! I exaggerate!! But some people have no interest in "you" they are just "friend collecting". Personally I cannot see how this is of any interest or value, but presumably they get something out of it!<br />
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My own "rule of thumb" is to treat people on the Net as I treat people in real life - with respect, with attention to their feelings and with honesty. I think online communities such as our's are highly valuable aspects of our social life these days. So I try to treat on-line friends and acquaintances as I do those people I interact with in real life.<br />
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Naturally you will like and agree with some people more than others - that is normal in any group. Those you like you can add as friends if you desire.<br />
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If you take part in this Experience for a while you will get to know the personalities of individual posters and their unique outlooks on certain issues. You will agree with some, disagree with some . . . Just like in "real life"!!<br />
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I hope you enjoy your time here. It is always sad to know someone else needs to be here (due to a sexless relationship) but this is a wonderful place for support, information, advice and encouragement. It is also a good place to come if you need a swift kick in the rear to address some issues!! Welcome!

Thanks so much for this info, I appreciate it .