Finally A Helpful And Non Cliche Book On The Subject!

Intimacy and Desire (Awakening the Passion in you Relationship) by David schnarch. Actually addresses real underlying issue, not the cliche usual trite advice which never works. I left my sexless marriage, but it gave me a lot of insight into the dynamics. Worth a read, and if you have a spouse actually willing to work on it, have them pick it up as well. If your spouse won't work on it, no book is going to help
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I don't think it would be awakening, it would have to be resurrection at this point. Passion is DOA for me.<br />
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Others have mentioned the author/title. If it is as complete and genuine as you think Rose then maybe it should be the basis of part of the curriculum in senior school? Instead we prefer to remain coy, bashful and mysterious about the subject. After all, the principle behind the First Aid Manual is that you are supposed to read it before you apply CPR, not afterwards, when you have a corpse on your hands. 😃

Yep, I think he gets it, and narry a candle in sight - unless you want it to be.

The problem with non-cliche books is that they are hopelessly outnumbered by ones peddling scented candles, so by the time they (the non-cliche ones) are found by the "patient", the game is likely over already.