It Is Hard But I Still Love Her

I am 52 and am living in a sexless marriage , this week I was away as I travel somewhat and had an opportunity come up while out having dinner alone, I was approached by 2 very nice 24 yr olds and they asked to sit down with me and have dinner for the company. After a while they began to ask if I was interested in going with them for some fun as they thought that I looked like a nice guy and they always wanted to try a 3 some very discrete. WOW I was blown away these great looking girls both wanting me. I had not had sex in over 4 months which was not good , and before that is was at least 6 months again equally unsatisfying . I must say that this is a guys dream. I told them that I would really like to do this...........BUT I would NOT as I am married and I really love my wife . To this they said she would never find out , "come on !" . To this I said that I WOULD KNOW and I took a vow and I would always be faithful not only to her but to myself.
BOY! let me tell you that was both an easy and a hard thing to do but afterwards even though I am still in a sexless marriage and wish that my wife would change, I do not regret my choice that night.
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If a couple hot 24 year olds came on to me I would ask where is their hot mom.

Maybe they also though "here is someone attractive who is so far out of our social circle that this will never come back to us"<br />
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Did they seem really smart? Could be kidney shopping.

Can only fully endorse mvc's observations on this.<br />
<br />
But I do recall an eerily similar post (under another name) a few months back.<br />
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Tread your own path.

My only thought is the universe is trying to tell you something! Young women usually don't go for older guys, so you must have been putting out an "I need sex" energy. My guess is it will continue to happen because we always put out the energy we feel and draw what we want into our lives - whether we know it or not.<br />
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There are plenty of people here who have decided they wanted to have an affair, and guess what? An affair happens. So, it may be time to really deal with the sexlessness in your marriage before you end up with an STD! <br />
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I love my husband too....very much or I wouldn't have stayed so long. But, in our case, he's not able to give me what I need and I won't live any longer without it. Sadly, it's not just sex. The sexlessness erodes your marital foundation - trust, feeling safe, nurtured and valued are all limited in a SM.<br />
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If you are here, your next step is to really deal head on with your marriage. In some cases things improve - in others it doesn't. But either way, you can still love your spouse and not be with her. I will always love my H but I won't be living with him without intimacy. It's a deal breaker for me. <br />
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Blessings to you.

You know what, at least, you held on to your wallet, at best your principles have maybe saved your life. That is a pretty old scam by now. They spotted you as a lonely depressed man and you were a mark. Buy you a few drinks, you buy them a few drinks, maybe you get knocked down by GHB for good measure. No kidding and don't kid yourself. If you don't believe me just do a bit of casual googling. Welcome back to planet earth, still depressed but alive to talk about it.

Yeah, I don't think you should regret passing that by either. Sounds kinda fishy...BUT should be the fuel for plenty of fantasy. <br />
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See how hard it is to turn down after another 6 months of no lovin' and this time it's an attractive woman who's more your age and who you really like as a person and who's also in a sexless marriage and knows exactly where you're coming from.


elkclan and p400. Sitting in a tree. e-t-c-e-t-r-e-a

I have been married for 10 yrs and the sex issue began around 4 years ago and has been progressively getting worse.<br />
As far as the 24 yr old no they were not hookers and I asked the same question , they just said they were looking for a nice guy and they had never done this before. <br />
You know in some dilutional way I am hoping that they really wanted me, as it made me feel better about myself then I had felt in a long time. Thanks "POP"

Nah, I'm still sticking with the notion that there was some catch about the proposition. But hey, whatever makes you feel good, I guess.

Hey it could well be! Ya never know. I'm being pursued by a super hot Brazilian dude who's 10 yrs younger than me. Can't quite bring myself to trust it, but don't quite want to pass it by either. I remain cautiously optimistic.


If you were not attractive to them, they would not have asked. I mean, they are looking for casual sex...and it would make no sense to have casual sex with someone you are not attracted to.

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Umm, no offense, but two 24 year olds couldn't find a younger accomplice? Either they were hookers or they figured an older guy would be desperate enough. I dunno. Weird.

Good that you have no regrets. How long have you been married? Has it been a generally sexless marriage or just recently?