My Ex Teacher

when i went to school i has quite a few sexy teachers and always have remember them, i was a silly kid at the time because i use to get in to trouble on purpose ect for their attention.

I went back to my old school a while ago and saw my art/photography, she was the sexist, hottest and sluttish teacher at the school!!
she was wearing a pencil skirt and a white t-shirt with one button undone.

so i approached her and said heyyy remember me! and gave her a wink and she giggled and said course i do! :)
we sat down for a coffee and had a chat about old times and somehow i told her i thought she was hot by accidence.....witch was true...and still is. she asked me "Do you still think im hot?" and giggled. witch turned me on a little and i just admitted it, I asked her the same and she said "i think you hot and love your figure" she whispered it since she was about to teach a class. then she said wait in the dark room, ill be 15 mins

( she went down to the office and got the rest of the day off for being "ill" haha)

she came back to the dark room (dark room is where you can do thing to photos and is VERY dark haha) and she had a little torch and turned it on and put it n my mouth aiming it at her she took my hands and put my hands over her perfect body and i came closer and slowly unbuttoned her while unstrapping her bra.

she has big around (DD) boobs and skinny with a biggish *** and a perfect figure, by the time i took her bra off my **** was sawing through my boxers!

she whipped her blond hair back and pulled my shirt off and pulled my boxers down as my big **** popped out like a rocket
she said "if i knew you were this big i would of ****** you a Long time ago!! "

she rubbed along my shaft of my **** as we were kissing as i was pulling up her skirt and rubbing her panties where her **** is...she was getting wetter and wetter. she was drenched.

i decided to go down low and pull those panties down before the juice does it by itself.

My first lick and she already dripping in my mouth!! i speeded her lips and got in deep while rubbing her **** at the same time, she was quite loud but the dark room was in another compartment of the school so we could be loud for a while.
anyway i was sucking soo much and got faster and she was nearly screaming as she's telling me to stop before she **** every where

i finally stop, i lay down and she lays on me but opposite way ( 69 ) but i didn't pleasure as much because i didn't want her to *** just yet. she was licking the head of my big **** and slowly going deeper until she got the whole thing in her mouth as a little pre *** past her soft lips.

she stood up and bent over n to doggy style and i got it in, she's quite tight so a little struggle ;) and she mention i was her biggest yet.

i started slow and i could feel all the warm juices spading and pushing against and along my **** as we speeded up she was clinging on tight as she was getting wetter and wetter and louder and was trying to hold in her screams so much as she just lets it all out in one big screechy moan and she ****!!! leaving her out of breath she takes of my condom with her mouth and wanks and sucks the **** out of me as i start to *** and i explode with *** all mine and her chest and she starts sucking again and gets faster and harder until I *** again with a second explosion all in her mouth and she gulps it down.
she then rubs some of the *** all over her chest then in to a ball and put it on the *** on my chest and starts to lick all of it off and all over my nipples as a little more *** shoots out of my **** on to her lips
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phahahaa sorry! Didn't realise that I posted this story here. Just to let you know, I was really tired when I typed this so may have errors. <br />
<br />
I do think you all need to calm down a little though, its just a story haha

Idiot. Learn to spell first than you might be able to post in the right group.

In case you haven't noticed it's Thursday, not Friday. You're jumping the gun as well as being illiterate.

I think you should have spent more time on spelling and grammar and less time fantasizing about ******* your teachers.

Why are you posting this fantasy here?