Too Good To Be True !

At night I used to put my arms around his big belly or body and my hand would go to his *****....holding it till I fall asleep !
when he was watching TV ( watching TV was all I saw from him from day 1 ) I would sit on my knees infront of his couch and put my arms around his big belly and tried to kiss it and all I heard was " GO AWAY " .
He would say that while he was the only person I knew in whole canada . Imagine how lonely I was !

Always I loved his body ,I really loved his big belly and always I would rub his back , body and telling him he was so sexy ,handsome , and would thank him for marring me .
who does that these days really ? For him I was too good to be true !

For 3.5 years I initiated ,initiated,initiated ...holding his tootoo in my hand even if he would not feellike to do anything !
now it is about a month that I dont even look at him ,and I love that !
He seems shocked !
He seems lost !
he seems confused ,BUT still too stupid to ask why !
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I came for the tootoo, and was not disappointed.

I understand where you are coming from and feel your pain. You can only be rufused so many times before resentment creeps in. I went through the same process. I gave my wife all of my attention and got pushed away reguarly.<br />
<br />
The end result. I totalled up the bill for her actions and presented it to her. <br />
<br />
I suggest you do the same.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck


God only knows how much I am suffering !
At the same time , millions of thoughts come to my brain .
I have never been jealous ,but now even watching couples kiss each other on TV bothers me .
People say I am so beautiful , look I am 20 years old, all I have in my pocket and chest is love ,pure love to give and it is so hard when the one I had picked was not a buyer !

LMAO at the comments saying you shouldn't love his big belly - I totally support you in loving your husband as he is, when my H gained or lost weight I loved him the same & there was just more to love, unfortunately like you there were other issues & thus not the reciprocity.<br />
<br />
SOME people around here need to get over the "body image" issues they have.<br />
<br />
I will pull a "bazzar" and state that you should find out how divorce would look for you, because it seems you are headed that way. Unfortunately - or fortuantely - being pushed away for years at a time tends to make your love fade away. I hope you find the strength to move on.

I hope you find happiness - have you thought it may be time to move on? Love and hugs to you xxx

All of you again thought it was either arranged marriaged or I fell in love with his big belly .<br />
No it was not arranged and It is not the matter of being in love with a big belly...<br />
when you love somebody you just love him, no matter how he looks like ...<br />
That seems so hard for some of you to understand when somebody shows her passion and love to you !

What reaction did you expect, if you don't mind me asking?

I have no problem with you loving his belly. Looks has nothing to do with the issue here.
What I said still holds good.
Your pattern of distancing will not address the true problem and will just cause the gap to grow wider.
I speak from experience.

Yes .I understand ...It is kind of a revange ..I am not taking revange creating the distance between us I want him to know that I was not a sex meniac ...I just wanted to be close to him all the time.
He kind of thought I was so dependent on his touch and presence and he was withholing his love ,touch ,and attention like crazy ...he thought i was suffering from his distance ,but love,touch,affection,passion,care ...are all we get married for .
I am giving him the distance he wanted ,to show him I can survive without his touch ,love,care although it is not a good way to express that !

Sounds like an arranged marriage. You've done your part. <br />
He is not reciprocating. <br />
<br />
At the moment, you are happy that he is confused by your distance. <br />
<br />
It's counter-productive in the long run as he is getting what he wants and you will be left in your unhappy situation.

Sorry, but the situation seems quite weird to me.... Fall in love with his big belly?

TFM. It is okay not to interpret everything someone says too literally. Honestly. And sometimes it serves you better to keep your thoughts to yourself. I got myself into trouble only the other day when I rather provocatively suggested that people could be fickle, contrary, and hypocritical by, for example, only liking people (men in this instance) for having tight arses and then not liking them when they would become lazy or complacent and become lard arses. As a lard arse myself thought I was within my rights to say something like that, but, alas, apparently not. So, there you go. Sometimes, speaking your mind aloud is just no more sophisticated than farting loudly in public and then laughing gleefully about it.

Some people like big bellies. Love comes in all shapes and sizes.