Waalaa...I Wandered Back In...

Once again I find myself online...Making some purchases...For things I am supposed to get from the spouse that now come in the battery form of "lovin", lol.

You gotta love life.
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I am sure a civilization that built the pyramids would be able to sort out a bee proof cork!

Being sligtly odd (Hey it is Friday) Cleopatra had a vibrator! Apparently the Egyptians had hollow wooden phalluses which they filled with angry bees to get the "hum" <br />
There are a few devices for we men out there but they are built out of tacky materials. Women are more discerning

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lol, speaking of tacky...

lmao, yes...that was darn near on cue!

I have heard, watched, read...something somewhere that mentioned that about Cleo...I would be scared to death a bee might escape a sting me on my honey pot. What a horrible way to find out if you are allergic or not, lol.

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Hey, welcome back! I remember you. So sorry you're still dating the Eveready Man, like the rest of us. :(

Well hiya nitwitty! Thank you for the welcome back. :-)

Ah yes, the battery powered boyfriend...he does come in handy...

Oh that was sooo a pun there!

As a technophile I have to say I am really impressed by some of the stuff that is being produced for you ladies these days. I could be tempted as a bloke to be a tad jealous because to be honest the stuff produced for us is just really still a bad joke. It would appear, as I learnt only recently, that we are still supposed to use our socks; cashmere of course.<br />
<br />
I was reading an article only today about the newest toys for girls that are being styled with the same design panache as Apple products. I wonder when someone at Apple will decide to jump on the bandwagon and produce the iDiddle, the interactive, multimedia experience for frustrated real women, ideally with elements of the Wii included. Sales of it would dwarf those of the iPad and the iPhone put together surely? With Apple's cachet behind it, it would probably be respectable enough to get it out in public and show it around all your friends. And could you imagine the possibilities of 'interactive gaming' across the internet? Possibilities abound.

The iDiddle?!? How uttery fantastic would that be! LMAO
I would have to walk around with it pasted to my forehead, I would be so proud. It surely would have to be a conversation opener...and if the conversation sucked...waalaa...you are already "strapped" with your own entertainment!