My Wife ( The Refuser), My Life

i want to have sex with my wife and I'm to frustrated to. When i feel like I'm in the mood to try to put the moves on her and try to get her to at least want to have sex i feel conflicted and frustrated inside. take last night for example i was kissing her and stuff and she kinda curl es her neck closed so i cant kiss it. so i stop and just roll over and no say anything. maybe since we have not had sex in a year and a half also i have always got rejected or in a fight with her about sex it made feel like I'm not wanted anymore. i wont bring up sex since she has finals next week and so do it. sex is suppost to bring you close not push you appart.
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5 Responses May 17, 2012

I know what your going through, you have done well if you havnt cheated so far. The only bit of advice i can give is, if you love her dont cheat, you will have to talk to her. If you want to sleep around then finish it, to much pain if you cheat. You could try shock treatment, by telling her that its over because of the sex issues. Wait till her finals are over first. Good luck

Ouch! I know the neck curl. I hate the neck curl. When she closes off her neck it is espicially painful as I remember when she opened her neck up to be ravished. I also agree with what WednesdayFridayAddams stated. You can only be refused so many time before your deire begins to diminish or you can not bring yourself to face rejection yet again. Stay strong.

A year and a half of no sex, and your worried about her finals. To hell with that. <br />
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You should wake up and smell the shi..t sandwich she has been serving you and do something about it. I suggest you stop supporting her fiancially emotionally whatever. <br />
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I also suggest that you visit a good divorce lawyer and find out your rights. Once armed with the relevant information needed on how a Divorce would pan out for you, you will be in a better position to total up the bill for her actions and presenting to her. <br />
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Sounds like this account is way overdue. A year and a half indeed at your age.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck

Sharma, this is NOT acceptable. This Experience is NOT the right place for you to look for sex.

Sharma we offer you honest advice and you want to insult us with a comment like Spam. You are the one getting Spammed my friend.
You need to face the reality of your situation. A year and a half of no sex. There are problems here you need to face up to.

If you go the divorce route, just figure you'll lose more than half of what you have. Guess it depends on the state but figure you'll finally get ******. Unfortunately its by the divorce attorney and not your wife. You sound young enough to start over so I would. Funny how things go. I'd love to be married to a transsexual!!!!

None of this is going to change because your wife does not love you. <br />
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Can you think of any good reason to stay? <br />
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I recommend that you get a divorce.

A good reason? Why, to annoy her, of course. Sounds like a great reason to me!

Yep, agree.