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Stupid Excuses

I write this two days post knock-down drag out argument in which the high point of the discussion was my learning that my wife doesn't want to have sex with me because it makes her think of me wanting to have sex with other people (since she refused/refuses to this day.)

So let me get this straight---we don't have sex because you're afraid I'm going to cheat? I thought it was supposed to work the other way around. I don't get it.
e67gokg e67gokg 31-35 12 Responses May 17, 2012

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The ILIASM jury appears to have found your missus guilty of false and misleading testimony.<br />
<br />
Now it is over to YOU, as judge, to pass sentence.<br />
<br />
I am betting that you'll go for a suspended sentence, or maybe a good behaviour bond. In which case, the matter will come before the court again pretty soon.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

Remedial high-school course in logic?

Talk about grasping at straws... you must have been winning at that point... LMAO...<br />
<br />
I'm sorry, but that just takes one from the sublime to the completely ridiculous.... time to cut your losses, and make your choices... They all suck, but hell, so does this ****.

That is as a$$ backwards to say the least.

Boy I would love to get a straight line like that. My come back would be. You not having sex with me is the surest way to make your fantasy come true dumbass. Of course I have no patience with refusers and their bullshit excuses because that's all they are anyway. Tell her you no longer feel like supporting her because you feel that doing so would cause her to eat and she might get fat and you don't want to be held responsible for her weight gain. Same kind of dumbass logic. Slicing and dicing words aren't going to help a thing she doesn't care enough about you or like you enough to share her body with you so it's time to set her free to go elsewhere and find somebody else to take care of her. Why should you bother you get nada out of the whole deal no respect, no love, no sex and bullshit excuses.

Bullshit. She is grasping at straws here, that's all. Don't look for any logic, or any sense at all. She simply doesn't or won't say her real reasons. Rest assured, after the divorce, she will tell you her reasons. And also be sure it is the only way you will ever know.

Hmm, whether it is just an excuse, a lie, a convolution, or whatever, I will offer my own interpretation of this 'strange' language.<br />
<br />
She means that when you ask her for sex it is for the sake of sex, rather than exclusively with her. She believes that all you just want is sex. Is that a familiar refrain that I recall from somewhere? She feels that you want to have sex, rather than make love, as the cliché goes. I don't know how many people, men or women, truly believe in that concept, that you can't have sex without love, mutually exclusive love, or how many can readily and comfortably distinguish between the two. I do not know whether this distinction is a false one or not and I do not know whether one is more valid than the other. I don't even know whether your wife truly believes this or dished it out, hastily, in the heat of the moment in order to just put you off, again. Sometimes the simple word 'No' is regarded as being too inadequate.

Wow...that's a new one. I'm going to wait to hear that one from my

My heart bleeds. I have had many an arguement and heard all the excuses under the sun. I wish that just for once my wife would tell me the real, true reason. Perhaps the refuser does not know the reason, or does not want to face it. But at least it would be a honest first step

If this were in normal circumstances, not the terrible sturm und drang of these things, a rational person would burst out laughing.<br />
<br />
Of course, it's no laughing matter.<br />
<br />
And that says, whatever happens, you need to get yourself into a situation where you can look back on that, and laugh your head off.

A refuser's excuses never end. That being said regarding her comment, maybe she is the one having sex with another? Just something to ponder.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck

Innovative excuse. Still an excuse, nonetheless. <br />
The question now is, what is she willing to do to make you happy and satisfied in your marriage?