More Sex In Last Six Months Then In Past Decade

Two years to leave. Pure anguish. But, it was worth it. My new man is the most healthy choice I have ever made. Friend for a good while before the romance. Both sexless marriage survivors. If you are in the end struggle, it WILL get better. I am so glad Ieft
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The title says it all, good for you!! And enjoy your new life.

Thanks...<br />
good words of encouragement<br />
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soooo scarey,<br />
continue to find joyinurjourney

This is fantastic! How perfect to have two people in sexless marriages get together and catch up on all that was missing! Cheers to you two!

Very happy for you Rose, you are an inspiration for us all!

Rose, your story is one I watch carefully for signs of hope long-term beyond the SM. I am hopeful that I will be posting a similar story to this one in a few months, as blissfully in love and as well laid as you. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

I respectfully disagree with Married above (or below)... wear the FVCK out of it, give it time to heal, and repeat.

Good for you. Don't wear it out too fast:-)

Cheering for you, Rose!!!

That is awesome!

Maybe there was someone among my ILIASM siblings who worked harder than you at trying to get their dysfunctional marriage up and going again rosedl, but if there was, the name just don't spring to mind.<br />
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The "old" normal is behind you, yet the lessons learned stay to guide you through the ongoing world of choice.<br />
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You chose. As ever, there has been a consequence to choice. A glorious consequence, from a series of informed choices.<br />
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You've done great. <br />
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Tread your own path.