single,all i yearn for is to be single,in this very moment,tomorrow will change im sure. 7 mos now,we tried finally the other day and,it was just awful,total frustration for both of us. i dont know what else to say,im miserable and tired and worn out.
msjules msjules
31-35, F
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Single is the best state there is. Get there and enjoy!

MsJules, what is your husband doing about this? Not what is he saying, but what is he actually doing? Has he seen a doctor for his weight issues and to have a full health check? Is he undergoing counselling for his self esteem issues? <br />
<br />
Your stories are short on detail. Has this situation been the norm throughout your marriage - or did you start off with a healthy sex life? What is HIS attitude to this situation - does he truly want a fulfilling sexual life with you or does he secretly hope you'll just give up on that and leave him in peace?

im selfish,just completely selfish. i want what i cant have,then i regret wanting what i cant have in the first place.

Dear girl, you are NOT being selfish! Did you WANT a marriage like the one you've got? I seriously doubt it! You wanted a normal, happy marriage filled with intimacy and sex. IF you had got that, you would not now be yearning to be single IMO. Cut yourself some slack . . . .