No Change

I don't know if anything will change. I let my DW throw away any of the books on sex that she did not like (Erotic Massage, Kosher Adultery, etc). Her view of sex changed and became very rigid. no. Talk....nope. Adventurous...maybe....maybe 69. It reminded of someone calling sex like this the 600lb gorilla. - you know its there,....just dont talk about it. Somehow that makes it pure.

I think when she does 'it'...Its out of 'responsibility', We both work (me full, her part). Teens at home. But she'll get tired and just hold the cats till bedtime. Shes' usually tired at 8 or 9 pm (I do a walk/run with my daughter and either dishes or garden work).

The funny thing is she will say that she likes sex.....but the small print kills it (no this, no that)

This is just a rant post.
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6 Responses May 21, 2012

Cats??? Interesting. We have 10 now

Rant as much as u want, especially if it makes you feel better! Good night, wish she would have thrown those books to my husband!!

I think it should be more like going to an amusement park than filling out forms at the DMV.

I've heard that joke...I think it was, he got a "F" in sex, because he couldn't pass the oral. <br />
<br />
Works for women too.

When she said that I was reminded of the joke a friend sent about why a couple had split.. The daughter said to her mom..."it was because your drivers license says you got an F in sex". Obviously many guys get that grade as well....<br />
<br />
Sex has more of a eww factor for her - used to not be that way. And to keep it pure means more rules than imaginable.

"she likes sex" sure she does, and so do our refusers, just not with us!