One Wedding Night Then That Was It

Been married for 5 years not all good times been together for 14 years and have a wonderfull child together.
Before we married we made love on a regular basis although I will admit that I did go of it for a couple months during this time which she was not happy with and caused several arguments, eventually we were at it again then marriage.
The night of the wedding all consummated but since then absolute nothing, when I used to confront her about it she would want to argue so I don't bother anymore the only thing keeping me from leaving is our child as including the sex the relationship is non existence I'm not even sure after this length in time whether we are legally married as I feel it was all fake
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this situation is so sad, and i'm sorry this happened to you, before leaving her, try again, this time ask her when she stopped loving you, why doesn't she want to be close to you, etc. and then tell her that she broke you as a person, that you are now a shell and believe she deceived you, if she interrupts you then just write it down for her to read, or actually tape her mouth shut so she can see your face, or even make a little vlog of you venting. she obviously has some issues, if she doesn't want to confront it and fix it then tell her youve had enough and you deserve to feel loved and to love and even if that means loving yourself enough to be free of this person who makes you feel so crap then so be it!

You've been played like a piano.<br />
<br />
Going to keep the tune going are you ?<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

I used to confront her on the sexlessness but she used to start fights so i dont bother anymore. Gameover. You lied down and submitted.<br />
<br />
You cant make her want to sleep with you but you sure as hell can make her respect you. Stand up for yourself. Let it be known that you are not happy about the current arrangement. She has altered the rules without anyform of consultation with you and you just have to take it or leave it.<br />
<br />
Well guess what you have options. You have options to read her the riot act and let it be known just how unhappy you are. If she refuses to acknowledge your feelings than you might have to round up the bill for her actions and present it to her.<br />
<br />
Stay Srrong & Good Luck

She pulled the B&S all right.<br />
The only thing that keeps you from leaving is YOU!<br />
Your son deserves loving parent, if you love him so much you'll spare him from thinking this is how normal relationships are suppose to work.<br />
And yes, I do have 2 small children, and i too said those words,<br />
but i only because they sounded better than "but I love him" or<br />
"I'm a coward and I'm afraid of change".<br />
good luck.