Touch is a funny thing. Too much and it can be uncomfortable. Not enough you are left with craving more.

But to never be touched in an intimate way has left me feeling so desperately wanting, aching for any type of contact.

I have spent years trying to explain touch to my husband.  That there is a difference in how you touch the person you love. I think that is the hardest part of being in this sexless marriage is trying and being rejected over and over again.  I have nothing left to give my well is dry. 

I miss touching my lover as much as being touched.  I miss sex.  I miss Me.
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This is something Ive been struggling with a lot in the past few months. My H still kisses me goodbye when I leave for work, when I come home, after supper, and good night. I think I would miss those 4 pecks a day if he suddenly stopped but lately Ive been thinking of asking him to stop. I dontfeel its done out of love. I know it will probably make me feel awful for a while but eventually I hope Ill feel like Ive taken back some tiny bit of control of my life.

I know EXACTLY what you're feeling. I finally told him to stop. At first, it was hard. Mostly because he complained. HE complained! Doesn't care about having sex with me......but if he can't give me that kiss.....oh boy! I started feeling like it was a slap in the face more than a gesture of "I love you".

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hm..thats true. well i think your first step should be asking yourself if you are content to live like this until one of you dies, or do you want better for yourself bad enough to leave? is he cheating? gay? or just stopped having an interest in you? <br />
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sometimes you got to realize when its a sign to move on.

damn :/ not saying to get a divorce but, think about it. <br />
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if he doesnt love you enough to touch you, love yourself enough to find someone who does! you deserve it. my ex bf would only have sex with me if we were having a 3sum. he had a weird fetish but twisted it into "i wanna know the girl i marry is willing to do anything for me." and me being 18 and naive, believed it til i was finally like WTF. i left & the man who is now my fiance treats me like a queen among queens. there is someone out there who would love to touch you. <br />
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go on eHarmony or something. just having a man interested in you will make you feel alive again & strong enough to handle your situation.

Being rejected all the time has really messed me up. Although in my head I believe I am a strong, beautiful, smart, creative, etc.....
I don't feel like I am in a place where I could handle being rejected by anyone else.