Patron Is Attacked At Local Library

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Several patrons of the local public library had quite a shock last night.  A local woman, aged 48, entered the library at 7:30 pm.  She wandered around the library, perusing the shelves, seeming to look for an interesting book to read.  

 It was all a farce.  She was really on the hunt for male companionship!  She saw a tall, muscular man & asked him to help her reach a book that was beyond her grasp.  When the man reached for the book, she threw her arms around his neck & locked lips with him.  They stumbled backwards, landing on a table.  The kissing continued & progressed with such speed & frenzy that it was a matter of moments before they were engaged in sexual intercourse.  

Some patrons were upset by this public display of animalistic pleasure.  They ran from the library, shielding their eyes from the scene they had just witnessed.  Others, stood by, mouths agape, unable to stop looking at the shocking behavior of this desperate woman.  They were riveted in place.  The targeted male didn't seem to be harmed by this encounter.  On the contrary, he actually seemed to enjoy it!

By the time the authorities arrived, the woman & victim were sharing a cigarette.  (Smoking is prohibited in the library!)  The woman was escorted away & released to her husband.  She had managed to escape the chains of her sexless marriage.  Then she attacked the poor defenseless man.   The man was questioned extensively by authorities.  He couldn't respond to any questions though, because he couldn't stop smiling.  He also still clutched the book in his hands, that he had removed from the shelf.  It was titled,  " Why Men Stop Having Sex"  by Bob Berkowitz and Susan Yager.

  It was quite an evening at the library!  This small town is shocked by the scandal!
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its too bad you cant post your story to his ipad!

Ooh, another reason to love libraries ......<br />
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Great story, and even better that you can find your sense of humor in all this. I predict you're going to be just fine once you get rid of the card catalog of dysfunction taking up space in your house. Thanks for the laugh!

Uh-huh! (Makes note to write to local authority to tell them to stop closing public libraries, just clear the books and shelves out and keep Internet access, bound to be handy). Headline: "Libraries re-invented as 'Places of Learning' ".<br />
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What about library-ba<x>sed classes lead by a mentor? The possibilities are boundless, if too much for the-uptight-in-authority.

The larger libraries have lots and lots of quiet sections where few people venture in a given day. Not that I would know anything about love in a library... it's just a guess.

Likely story...

Great story! If there was even a chance of this, I may take up permanent residence at the library, although I'm not really an exhibitionist. Maybe a nice quiet (not for long) aisle of erotic literature with this mystery lady of my dreams...<br />
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I'm totally writing a fantasy about hot, dirty lovin' in the stacks!


Are you going to post it? ;-D


Oh my, I need to stop getting ebooks. The library sounds MUCH more fun. <br />
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Meanwhile, outside of Msdamgoode's fantasy...have you not confronted him on the spying? 'cause that's so, so wrong. Spying I mean. Hawt sexing in piles of so, so right!

Presumably these two totally ignored the "Quiet" sign - and roared like animals when they came, and left a pool of body fluids to mark the spot of the action.<br />
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Say, where is this library ? It sounds pretty cool.<br />
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Tread your own path.

Thought of this tongue-in-check story because I went out to the library & drug store tonight. I was gone for an hour. I noticed that my H brought his iPad upstairs with him when he went to bed. My guess is so he could check online via the hidden GPS where I went. He is such an ***!<br />
<br />
It will be removed soon. I am waiting to see if His lawyer can convince him to move out. I have to write a follow up story, to my Four Way Lawyer Mtg. Story.<br />
<br />
Anyway, I gave myself a laugh. Hope you all get a chuckle too!