Sometimes You Just Get Signs

As some of you may know, I've live with my wife approximately 750 miles from my family and friends for almost 11 years. We met in school, so only about 8 of those years can be attributed to my voluntarily staying here because her family resides here and that she's comfortable here. Beside our obvious sexual problems, I've been trying to move to a neutral location since our graduation, each time being ignored. I feel out of place here and generally uncomfortable with the area. I have no friends here and the only support system here is actually hers.

In the last eight months, I have reconnected with someone from my home town that has ignited a desire in me which I've never felt, my mother has been placed in a home due to severe dimentia and my wife has discovered my liaisons, In addition to this, today our dog, our not joint connection (no kids) passed away. He had been with us through nearly our entire relationship. He had seen the good and the bad. He was the one that received my affection when there was no place else to demonstrate it. At this point it seems like the universe has dispensed with the subtle hints and started to punch me in the face. It looks like someone wants me to leave. The signs could not be more clear note. I miss you, buddy, but I'm accepting the sign. Your sacrifice was not in vain.
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im so sorry.

I had a friend who lived for 28 years in a town she hated because it was her husband's hometown and he would never leave. She constantly tells me how she should have left 20 years ago. aside from whether there is, or was, another woman LEAVE ASAP. It's a big deal to live somewhere, when your heart is elsewhere

So, it's probably not a good sign when your marriage counselor tells you that you're headed down a road to separation and divorce.

The one sign that I neglected to include was that I lost my job out here nearly a month ago. I am please to say that I now have an interview for a position in my home town area. It may not be the best position, but it's something to get me back on my feet out there. I'm pretty excited for the prospect right now.

I too am sorry about your dog and recognize the heartbreaking wake-up-call feeling.<br />
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If you have no friends there and are having liaisons, you've already left in your mind. Now it's probably time for your body to follow.

Oops. I wrote it wrong and made myself look worse. Only the one liaison. I'm not THAT terrible.

I am sorry about your dog. That is very hard. We had to put both our 12 year old dogs to sleep on the same day back in February, and it was like we buried our marriage! I took it as a sign, too.

A very sad sign ...But at least you got the idea !<br />
When My baby died ....I thought the same !

Stay strong and keep marching towards the exit.

Take your signs and run, EM. <br />
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So sorry to hear about your dog, though. My own fur-baby is the only unconditional love I get, so I know how hard that must be :-(

You've at last got sick of playing the role of husband in title but not in fact.<br />
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It does get pretty old eventually.<br />
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Sorry to hear about your dog.<br />
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Tread your own path.

Sound to me that you are in the process of talling up the bill for her actions and closing her account.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck