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I have a true story, I thought might be of interest, about a club I started.. I am not entirely sure how we managed it we just kind of met and after discussing of mutual interest and problems decided to form the group. The group members are confidential (the reason will be obvious as I begin to give the details).

We have about 26 members now, with varying schedules we usually only have 8 or 9 members that can meet at any one time. The common ground we share is that we are all married and have neglecting husbands. With the club however we found a solution to that problem. Our members are all upper middle and upper class women with either good careers or married to men with good careers. We even have a lady doctor among the group who has given some added benefits.

One of the ladies had a vacation home that she had inherited from her grandparents, she had told her husband she sold it but actually she donated it to our group for meetings.
One member was a caterer and provided us with food and drink. Some ladies donated cash and I donated a male slave who has become the main focus of our group.

I’ll save details on how I got a male slave for another story but let’s just say he has reasons for doing exactly as he is told. But I will tell you about him and how we use him. First of course he is well trained in oral skills and gives an excellent massage. He serves refreshments at our meetings, completely nude of course. Any member can command him to do anything she wants at any time. I have seen many times when a member will push his head down between her legs after he has brought over a refreshment. Also there is a lot of stroking him as he goes by.

Having a doctor as a member has been a great advantage. We keep a full medicine cabinet of medical products to keep slave going strong.. She has given him a shot in his male organ before and we make him wear a restrictive ring around his organ (very tight). That ring coupled with medication combos can keep his fat 8 inches hard for hours. As many of the ladies would agree I love oral but sometimes you just need a good hard organ.

We have a twin bed in the center of our “play room” where we can chain him to the bed. That makes it possible to have someone riding his organ and someone riding his tongue at the same time. I can tell you it’s very arousing to watch people have relations live. Group play is a lot of fun and several of the ladies are bi as well and play together. Each member can arrange to use the slave one on one and some members who travel for work have taken him with them.

That usually goes like this. After a long boring convention lecture, you call the room and tell slave you are on your way. He has a nice hot bubble bath and a drink waiting when you get to the room. He helps you undress and folds and puts away your clothes and has whatever night clothes you want ready or nightlife clothes if you are going out. After your bath he dries you off and you lay down, he spreads massage oil all over and gives you a relaxing and arousing massage. You had told him when you called to take his “medicine” and put on the restrictive ring. The rest of the night is spent having relations until you’ve had enough.

One member once confessed to a cleaning lady about the slave and the cleaning lady said she could use one of those so that member said she could use slave the next day while she was away at meetings. She took her up on it and the cleaning lady provided excellent service for the rest of her stay. I think slave was exhausted however which happens a lot.

The advantages of our club are many, we feel. Since our membership is married women who don’t intend to leave their marriages, they simply need a little release. While picking up someone in a bar can be very risky, the slave offers a “safe” alternative. The doctor is our group makes sure we stay “clean”. We look out for each other and offer “cover” for each other. You can always tell hubby you are going shopping with some other group member who will cover for you.

I really feel like I am performing a valuable service for the club and sending wives home to hubby a lot happier. With medicines and toys slave can handle most all of the club needs. He gets exhausted and very sore at times but can still handle his duties. I have seen doc keep him hard long enough to “accommodate” 5 to 6 women in an afternoon. I’ve taken him with me and rode for 3 hours non-stop. The club works for all the members as long as we keep our identities protected.
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Where do I send my resume?

Do any of the husbands know what their wife is up to? Since many men enjoy their wives experiencing sex outside their marriage, I would expect at least one of your members would be in such a marriage.

Wow how lucky he is :)


wow ,,,, what a girls club !!

No sweat! Sexless marriages are the best kind. Most fun, most productive, and you don't have to worry about stupid sexual bullshit unless you want a kid.

Interesting concept, but I can't help but be melancholic about this- it seems as if a monogamous relationship is just not possible anymore. Even doctors and other presumably respectable members of society are cheating if given the chance. Perhaps I should just get fittingly cynic and realize that infidelity in a relationship is almost impossible to avoid in the long run. Or better yet- I should just focus on piling up as much money as possible- then the risk of a women betraying you with another man becomes statisticially smaller :)

:) does he go home exhausted...lucky lucky him

only hearing part of the story, but just might read it all ... because I know a lot of guys who would want to be in that spot, like me .... pending the rest of the story


That's awesome: good for you! Are you one half of the Cindy Morgan of Finding the Doorbell fame? In any case, cool story! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for friending me. I loved everything about your story as I wear that shackled glass slipper - upper class, smart, attractive, degreed and in a sexless marriage not by choice. Probably don't need to say more than that. So how I start a club of my own club where I live and get the back story how all of you women found one another? Please pass the slave my way :D

It's one of those things, we started with 2 women but we need things like a house to meet at, etc. Well my friend knew someone with a house and she knew someone who worked for a doctor and could get us STD testing and "medication" for the slaves and it just grew out of people knowing somebody else.

Sounds like a great idea, but what about us guys in the same predicament as you? I'm not asking to join, just wondering out loud. Have fun!

Brilliant, boo.....

Love it!!

April xx

I would love to be the slave for a week or just a party! I love to see women c*m.

OMG! That is so hot! When I was much younger I probably would have jumped at the chance not realizing the repercussions. As the saying goes, "Young, dumb and full of ***!" Damn shame they don't realize that they'll still be full of *** hours later!! Young men are sooo short-sighted.

Lol! You have to do what you have to do I guess!

I don't think I could be a slave in do that but the fantasy of the idea is really hot though. I'll bet he have a great time in the end though even though he is used.

Nice story but I do have some doubts that your slave can be used to this extent. His physical attributes, you describe are beyond what most average human males can consistently produce..

I never said anything about consistently, I never mentioned our nurse, the injections, the ED medications or the **** pump because half of what I write gets censored. I never mentioned the other slaves we added and a lot of other stuff. To be sure this isn't the whole story.

I'd like to read the entire (and non-censured) version of the story

WOW! What a club! You ladies are lucky

wow that is a crazy story! well at least you girls are getting satisfied

I find it very interesting and creative, the hunting hungry housewives, in a large mansion somewhere being serviced. Like this movie, eyes wide shut only with one guy and many mature women

Amusing story

It would be worse when this marriage would be loveless

WOW...Great club.

need a club for the sexless husbands similar to this - everthings bigger in Texas?

I wish I was in the land of cotton.

Amazing CLub look forward to reading more

That sounds like an awesome club--kudos for creating it!!

Where is it?

in Texas

What a great story and even a better idea.Good for you and the girls.Its just not the guys who have needs and wants.Maybe you have stated something that will really catch on.