Life In A Sexless Marriage

Life in a Sexless Marriage:

is no different than a moth being attracted to a light.

The moth flits and flutters about the light.....and the light has no knowledge of the attraction by the is simply a light, iluminating without feeling or knowledge, of what is going on around it.
neuilly neuilly
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I feel another poem coming on!

Well said Neuilly, well said.<br />
I wish I was that moth and my H was a bug zapper!

me too!!!

Illumination? Really? I look back at my marriage and the abyss stares back.

What a wonderfully expressive image! So much truth in this.

I wish you the very best. and may the winds of grace always be at your back, gently assisting you froward. <br />
<br />
You will heal, and you will finally have the life you deserve, but, unfortunately, the exit process is sad and tormenting, but that process won't last for forever, <br />