Life In A Sexless Marriage

Life in a Sexless Marriage:

is no different than a moth being attracted to a light.

The moth flits and flutters about the light.....and the light has no knowledge of the attraction by the is simply a light, iluminating without feeling or knowledge, of what is going on around it.
neuilly neuilly 61-65, F 6 Responses May 24, 2012

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I feel another poem coming on!

Well said Neuilly, well said.

I wish I was that moth and my H was a bug zapper!

me too!!!

Illumination? Really? I look back at my marriage and the abyss stares back.

What a wonderfully expressive image! So much truth in this.

I wish you the very best. and may the winds of grace always be at your back, gently assisting you froward.

You will heal, and you will finally have the life you deserve, but, unfortunately, the exit process is sad and tormenting, but that process won't last for forever,


Neuilly - that is such an accurate and kind visualization . You show no blame and no ill will towards the refuser. Someday I may be able to show such grace - in the meantime , I have concluded that my refuser's feelings do not matter to me anymore. They have no more power to influence me . With the help of the people here , I have in a few short months learned that :

1. I can and will have better in my life.

2. I have the ability, power and right to my own happiness.

3. I will love again deeply and fully .

4. My sexuality is normal, healthy and valued .

Thank you my dear friend for all your support - by the end of this month - a few short days I will be moved into my own place and starting over . Everything is falling into place

thank you ago