10 Year Anniversary

H just walked into the room and said "hey, do you know what Sunday is?"

"No", I said.

"10 years!"

me: "no, that's Saturday..."

"Oh. Oh yeah Saturday! 10 years! Hey, we made it!"


me: "H, we still need to talk. ... I wouldn't say we had "made it" per se..."

him: "oh yeah..." walks away


is there no end to obliviousness????
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"So - We made it 10 years! ... That's really good, because nobody is going to say we didn't give it the old college try. So, ah... When are you moving out?"

What a deal!!! I have 13 years without sex as of August.... And her response when I mention that I like sex ..... "perhaps you could as my cousin, Michelle, out and **** her!" ..... I am so desperate... but..... instead of a wife, I share a house with a housemate....

Time to go, dude.

So, is Michelle hot?

Gotta find the humor anywhere you can - it's rare enough on a good day.

Refusers live in denial.<br />
<br />
They are happy with the status quo and they just dont understand the problem and all the talk in the world is not going to make any difference.<br />
<br />
As Baz has said, you are further along your road, you have left him behind and he will always be playing catch up.

Seems to be a recurring thing in many ILIASM stories as the end game unfolds.<br />
<br />
The intimacy averse spouse seems to be able to unwittingly provide further and further evidence as to what a **** they are.<br />
<br />
It puzzled me for a while. But then I figured that it was actually more likely that the intimacy averse spouse has actually been providing evidence that they are a **** for a long long time. It is just that the ILIASM spouse has reached a stage of their personal growth where they can see things for what they are.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

Yep, it's when the scales fall from your eyes that you realise. Truly. Love is....blinding

I think you've got something there.

And on Sunday....mine will turn 23.......<br />
<br />
Just shoot me now......please.<br />
<br />
Thank you

Isn't it time you got paroled? I mean for good behavior and all? On a more serious note, it seems your spouse measures your marriage in terms of endurance. What will enduring another ten years be like if it resembles the last ten? Be well.

Perhaps after 10 years now is the time to total up the bill for his actions and close his account.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck

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Now that's dense...

More like no end to his passive-aggressive b u l l s h i t ... he knows what he is doing. Yup, no obliviousness here.

Yes he is actively avoiding you. I would guess he has been waiting for you to end it for years hence the "...10 years! Hey, we made it!" comment.

I don't think he's oblivious. He knows precisely where you are heading and does what he needs to, to avoid it.

*F@CK* I guess not.<br />
I'm sorry.