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If you have been reading my stories, you know that this is a departure from my normal venting. I need your opinion without the possible sarcasm attached. I have known this woman and we have become friends. We had a party at her house for the end of school on Tuesday.
I had to leave after about 45 minutes because I had to go home. She talked to me on Wednesday and kept talking about how late some people had stayed. She also touches my arm or my shoulder almost every time we have a conversation. I am pretty dense when it comes
to this, but do you think that there is interest in me from her perspective? Again, please don't flame, just give me an honest answer. Thanks.
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Just a simple gesture like that can make any man feel desired. Is she interested and in what way? Answer to part A is Yes. Answer part B is possible. I can say with complete certainly is that she doesn't dislike you! So Dude! It's all good!

Another “touchy-feely” woman here and I second what Enna and FOP said.<br />
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Ulae … I would annoy the s h i t out of you.<br />
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Baz … FRANGER?! OMG, yet another slang term for condom … and a hilarious one at that.

Sometimes touching and continuing conversations mean interest... sometimes they mean sympathy... and sometimes they mean the person is lonely, and starved for contact.<br />
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I agree with enna, she does like you, tho maybe not in the way, or for the reasons that you hope.<br />
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So, get to know her better, if you're interested... and see what the response is to you touching her hand, or her arm, during conversation.

I woul sayt she is interested. But I may be wrong. I am a "touchy feely" person who has sometimes given the wrong signal to men unintntionally inthis way. What I CAN say is that, whether or not she is subtly flirting, she definitely likes you!

Meh, not worth speculating. Just ignore her. Our pediatrician keeps touching me friendly-like in front of my spouse and comments on my great sense of humor. It's annoying, whether or not my spouse were present. Actually I get annoyed getting touched by anyone. I tolerate her because she is good to my son.

If you're interested, take every opportunity to touch back. <br />
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If you have a watch on, put it in your pocket. Ask what time it is. Now hold her hand while you look at her watch. Or compliment her on a pretty ring. Another opportunity to hold a hand. If she touches you, go ahead and touch back.<br />
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The idea is to get her used to being touched by you in a non-sexual way. Later, if things progress, you'll find it less awkward to get past the initial hesitancy to touch. There's nothing worse than leaving a situation without doing anything, and wondering "what if...". <br />
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Life is short. Make the most of your time.

Are you interested in her? just go with it.<br />
I can touch someones arm as I speak to them at the supermarket, I don't mean anything by it, other than a friendly pat, but it depends on the type of conversation, is the touch appropriate for that moment, hows the body language, how does she look at you?<br />
Either way, a touch is a touch, take it and go with it, if she's interested she'll make a move, if she's not then she won't.<br />
Good luck woo hoo cheering for you.

Yep, she wants you.

by the sounds of this and me being a lady , YES she's interested and if you like her in anyway as you think she does you .. Dear fellow your HEART >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Without even observing this (let alone being privy to the context or anything else) how could anyone give you any sort of meaningful feedback ??<br />
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Would you like it to be that she was / is interested in you ??<br />
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If so, why not respond as if that were the case ?? In other words, take it as read that she IS interested, and conduct yourself accordingly. You'll likely get a pretty clear signal from her that you are on the right track, or have run off the road.<br />
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Dunno whether I'd be at the point of making sure I had a franger in my wallet just yet.<br />
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Tread your own path.