The Typical Sexless Anniversary.

Today would have been my 44th wedding anniversary.....And so i can't help but reflect on the past......and it is just sad to think that we never shared an intimate anniversary. You would have thought that at least one of those 43 anniversaries would have renewed the interest, the desire.... but sadly......NO......that was not the case. And our spouses wonder why we leave.

I truly will never understand any of this........i truly will not.

and so, for those of you, still dealing with the emptiness of the sexless marriage, my heart goes out to you.....
a 1000 hugs to you.
neuilly neuilly
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i feel your pain,been there myself,44 years here and haven't had any sexy with the wife for about 10,15 years,hell,i forget,its been so damn long,but i love her and will always be here....

That's pretty harsh...44 sorry...1000 hugs for you!

Thank you Faerylight. <br />
It IS a special day. No one is surprised when people get upset that they didn't get taken out to dinner, or get a card. There are 1001 commercials about "forgetting" an anniversary. Why be surprised that romance is expected, and when it isn't there we are disappointed more than on other days?

Come now, surely we are not so shallow as to equate an arbitrary calendar date with humping? And neuilly, with every passing year, the probability of a mend has plummeted lower and lower. Shooting blanks on #44 should not surprise anyone.

well..I guess to take to take ......a loving intimate connection with the person you love .... and reduce that connection the crude word........humping........i guess you would never understand any of this either..

I was *joking* neuilly! The first sentence was clearly sarcasm, wasn't it?

Sorry. It is hard when anniversaries lose their meaning, that is, the celebration of being together gets...ignored. <br />
Then they almost feel like a burden when they happen.<br />
I remember that feeling. I am one of the ones who left.<br />
I'm with outercalm. Sending virtual hugs.

i will never understand it either many hugs back your way

just by a bottle or jergens. and *** on her **** when shes sleeping or in her mouth ;) thats hot.


really stupid...!!!!!

sorry :(

your forgiven

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