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Ok, posted for the first time not long ago and got responses already. Thank you to those that did, I take all adivce, I am closed to no one and no advice goes unread. The first thing I have noticed is how unreal this situation now seems. I just can't get over the number of loving, healthy, caring people there are that just don't seem to be happy. What is wrong with relationships!!!! I have tried like many to explain that to me this isn't just about sex, don't get me wrong - sex is, the act, is connection, it is sharing, it is recognition, togetherness and bonding (not to metion just how damn good it can be!!) I am not a soft person, I live and work what many would consider a hard life - but when it comes to my family and my wife everything else is a distant second - I guess that includes even my wellbeing. After reading so many posts/comments on this subject, I am beginning to feel less selfish about how I feel and I regonise that as a start. Posting as a vent is a new experience I must admit but it is so good to get the feedback from you all. I have found things very very difficult lately, and I can feel myself quite simply running out of love for just about everything. I guess I just wanted to say thank you for now.
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I wonder if so many of us thought marriage was something totally different than what it is and that is where this disappointment is coming from. May I ask if your wife feels the same as you? Does she know how you are feeling?

My handsome wonderful husband has PE as well as EDS. We have tried the Cialis/Levitra/Viagra as well as the "toys" to the point that we are both mortified with embarrassment. <br />
<br />
So now and for the past 10 years nothin, nada. Its too embarrassing even to talk about for us both.<br />
<br />
Please advise this is my first time here and I feel horrible and so does he.

You know when you are sitting in an aeroplane, listening to the pre-flight briefing and the steward/ess reaches the bit about if in the event you should be asked to don an oxygen-mask that you should put on your own before putting one on any child or other dependent, there is a really, really good reason for that, self-evident in fact.

--- "I can feel myself quite simply running out of love for just about everything" --- <br />
This is the worst part of the SM. It affects all parts of your life and slowly drains and diminishes you. <br />
Time to explore options.

Huge difference between "acting in your own best interests" and "acting selfishly".<br />
<br />
Acting in your own best interests is often painful, difficult and very very challenging.<br />
<br />
Acting selfishly is easy. And rarely in your own best interests. And extracts a cost.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.