Sexles Loveless Marriage

Get out face the truth his seeing someone else get up and leave and don't look back
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2 Responses May 26, 2012

yes its hard but somehow why burden yourself to madness and feeling bitter when you can do what ever you wanted to do and make something that you could be happy about.

There are so many people out in this world that are in marriages that are loveless and sexless. I have not made love to my wife in almost 5 years due to medical reasons and a bad car accident that messed up her back. We love each other and do things together but no intimacy. I do have a high sex drive but I really do not try to reach out to have an affair. I love photography and the past year I have been too depressed with my PTSD to do much shooting. My goal this year is to stay positive and get out more and shoot alot of photos. What do you enjoy shooting ?, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, nature or people, there is always something to shoot everyday.