All the refusers should marry other refusers and people who wants sex should marry people like them.
Problem of sexless marriage solved.
Oh I wish! I knew before marriage.
Mehjun Mehjun
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I agonized about mine in silence for years and others looked on and just couldn't or wouldn't do or say anything and yes, because I chose to be involved it was to some degree my fault! Now I have the time and experiance that this will never be done in my life again! The violence that she visited from time to time odd now understood as domestic violence and whatever sorid resoning she has to practice domination is over!
All that's left is the lawyers,court and money,mostly done. The learning experiance that I dont have to put up with this " behaviour " on any level and ,no, its not up to me! This domminee knew witchcraft and to some degree that's done in this country, not the same as technical terms are employed but the actions and results are simular and have the same tells!

The most of the refusers come out after wedding, often gradually and slowly... I suppose if every refuser would have REFUSER written on his/her forehead, it would help, but for some reason it did not happen yet...

Hindsight is 20-20. There are no do-overs unfortunately. <br />
<br />

If only the WHOLE of life, only life was that simple, I would be a CONTENT bunny, <i>MAYBE</i> even a happy bunny.<br />
<br />
The sad reality is that it has to be so ******* difficult, a struggle! Period.

Hey, a while back someone was planning an ILIASM cruise. We ought to put all our refusers on another boat. (We could call it Ship of Fools.) Maybe some of them would hit it off and sail into the sunset, never to bother us again. Those who don't (the vast majority, I predict) should be re-routed to the Bermuda Triangle.<br />
<br />
There. Problem solved. ;)

Bermuda triangle. Interesting idea...


Why the time and elaberation? Shoe leather is so much cheaper! Sooner is hast!

So how do you tell the difference between someone who will enjoy frequent sex and someone who is just putting on a show while dating?

You cant. My missus used to put it out several times a week. Fair to say in the dozen area. Now i'm lucky to get 1 a fortnight.

...WHats a fortnight and where can I buy one?

Oceansun- a fortnight is two weeks, or 14 nights. Archaic but awesome word. Kind of like "hence", not commonly used anymore, but still awesome nonetheless!

If it had anything to do with getting laid, I'd get one too!


And a sennight is seven nights. What can I say, I read Jane Austen. ;)

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Here's my take: two refusers would not work. A refuser depends on the power they get by witholding sex. If the partner does not want sex, then there is no power. In my opinion, refusers have one thing in mind: power.

You are right. When you take the power away they become unstable and it is still your fault.

I think rapers and torturers may be stretching it a bit. I think of it more like what it actually is - excessive emotional abuse.

If we are going to talk "shoulds", then here's another.<br />
<br />
All people in dysfunctional marriages where the absence of sexual ex<x>pression is the primary symptom should immediately divorce said spouse.<br />
<br />
"Should's" are ******* useless.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

If only it were that simple. Knowing a refusers warped mind set if two of them got together they would probably bonk like rabbits!