Still Going Strong!!!

So last night he got off work and we had plans to go out for a late night bike ride but his boss invited him over for a few drinks. I was pretty mad but I didnt show it, I didnt want him to think that I didnt approve with him spending time with his friends. He NEVER goes and hangs out with his friends and never stops me when I wanna go somewhere for the girls. I was mad because I wanted to spend sometime with him. Well I stayed home and let him go out and at about 1am I went to bed pissed, about 10 minutes later he came home and got into bed right away! No tv, no computer, and no cell!!! AND he was NAKED again!!! Wooohoooo 2 nights in a freaking row! :) now I realize that when monday rolls around it will change because he will go back to 4pm-3am work schedule and he wont wake me up at 3am (I would kill him if he did) but hopefully as the weekend comes we will go back to this!
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Very good luck to you! I hope you praised him a lot? Told him you were dreaming about it ?Called him the sexiest man alive and so on ... and on...?

This lady gets it!!

You want to spend time with him? - looks like he is free at 3 AM Monday :) <br />
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"Bob Dole says" Wake up at 2:45 and make love to this man --- and then break out the eclairs you buy tomorrow to have with coffee with him in the AM <br />
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Then I'd try to get back on the bike ride routine thing Monday night.