I can relate but from a man point of view. I been married for what seem like 100 years but its only been 5 years from what I see we should still be fking our brains out its not that I haven't tryed when we first got together it was constant sex when i ask her now she turns it into a fight over one thing or another only because I say or reach for her in a sexual way we use to kiss but even that has stop she use to love when I went to the Y on her now she's not even into that I go to spoon with her its pull away wow I go to ask her for going on she say one thing and its not what she say so me being up front I had to ask is she having an affair and that get swisted what is a guy to do
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People care too much about grammar on the internet and it's not a freaking english essay. The way it is written has a hint of panic and distress BUT NO YOU RETARDS can't process that.

Dude. You need to perhaps start focusing on other things perhaps. It's too much stress on a normal man to ponder over such things. Get some sleep, relax, things will work out one way or another. Perhaps give praying a chance.

I would love to give some insight, but I refuse to read long run-on sentences that have absolutely no punctuation and a ton a misspellings. *SIGH*

So, I will second what Bazzar said.

Hear! hear!!!

You know your woman like no other, and I know us men. What spark it, because we both know something sparked it. That's where it starts, as far as an affair you feel it more then you suspect it. SO do you just SUSPECT IT or do you FEEL IT. Women can be hurt about something for a very long time, you can do something that makes them look at you differently, but she is still there so if that is the issue then she wants to get past it. START TALKING AND FORCE AN ANSWER AS TO WHY THINGS HAVE CHANGED BUT DO NOT GIVE SUGGESTIONS ( LIKE, IS IT THAT I OR ARE YOU HAVING)MAKE HER TELL YOU WHATS GOING ON, DON'T LET UP AND SAY NOTHING MORE THEN " WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, JUST TELL ME THE PROBLEM". Because anything that you suggest will tell her what will satisfy your question, if she is lying to you. When she does give you an answer trust your instinct. There have been times in your relationship when something happen and you had all kinds of thoughts in your head but when she gave you the truthful answer you felt a certain way. The times she tried to continue to lie you didn't get that feeling. Five years together you know what I am talking about, if you don't then all she has ever done is lie to you. Which means she is with you for other reasons. But how you describe your relationship, I personally am willing to give her the benefit of doubt

You are definately being fed and lies. As to why she never wants to have sex anymore, the excuses will vary to suit the moment but i can honestly tell you she aint telling you the truth.

Now while you cannot control her decision not to sleep with you and to give you the cold shoulder you can definately control your choice in not accepting this behavour and making her accountable for her actions.

You already suspect an affair, this is possible but there could be other reasons as well. I would suggest you quietly look into the affair possibillity a bit further. Dont make it obvious because than she will just take measures to cover up her tracks.

Also i would visit a Good Divorce Lawyer find out your rights and form a plan based on what you are told.

In short start to hold her accountable for her actions. Tally up the bill for her actions and present her with the account owing.

By this i mean if you work and support her stop supporting her financially, emotionally, whatever. If you cook, clean, iron, etc around the house to assist her stop. Look after yourself and make you number 1 priority.

If you have friends make plans and go out with them dont tell her. Take extra care of your apperance and buy some new clothes, & stuff if possible, this does wonders for ones self esteem.

And if she still wont change prepare an exit plan and leave. Be ruthless and claim everything you are legally entitled too.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

Kick the lazy cvnt out to the curb. Obviously.

Just in case you are wondering why she does not want to have sex with you, wonder no longer. She does not love you and she probably never really did. You know that.

You have been a member of this group for several hours now.

There are 000's of stories (and comments there-on) here. Were you to read 0.01% of them you would find it helpful I believe.

Tread your own path.