So I gave him the papers (verbally told him & physically sent) just after my last story, few days ago...

What do you want to bet they're just sitting in his in-box, as ignored as the first time I asked him to go through & fill-in-the-blanks a month ago?

At this point I want him to discuss & sign. Or at least sign!!!

On the other hand, at least as long as he ignores them we can pretend we're "happy families" and things get done around here. Maybe he'll clean up the basement first? ha ha.
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The sort-of-good news is that in our jurisdiction, separation agreements can be back-dated. So no matter how long he drags his heels, the agreement can be dated however you agree. Also, you can be legally separated while still living under the same roof. Thus, even though my ex didn't move out until December 2009, our separation agreement was dated Sept 1 2009. <br />
<br />
(There's a one-year wait from that separation date, and then either party can apply for a divorce. The divorce is optional, as all the legal and financial bits are settled in the separation agreement. The only reason for an actual divorce decree is if either party eventually wants to marry someone.)

See your lawyer to see what needs to be done in your jurisdiction when the respondent is unresponsive.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.

I would bet that once push comes to shove and he realises the enormity of the situation he is faced with he will likely become spiteful, and engage in disruptive behavour.<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck

He is probably thinking "If I do not acknowledge them, they do not exist"<br />
<br />
What did he say when you verbally told him?<br />
What is your next step?

I will be going back to him and set a date to discuss. In the end I figure he'll feel "sick" when time comes to discuss. I'm willing to be patient - to a point - but I do want this over with! I want to know I'm free &amp; that I'm not going to have a fight on my hands...

Well, he sounds like he is going to drag this out.
Do you think he's doing ti because he wants to stay married or because he is being spiteful?
If it is the latter, then you may have a fight on your hands.
However, if it the former, he may cling to hope and when he realizes it's over, he may get spiteful anyways....

You can never tell.

LOL - that's funny that he will be "sick" when it comes to discussing it. Tell him "tough sh*t, and that you are going to discuss this even if he is puking in the toilet or crapping himself." ;)