In A Sexless Relationship Going No Where

I had a house, a job, and everything going for me until 4 years ago. My finance at that time had me give it all up just for broken promises. So now I am here, the only thing that I have going for me is college. No friends only his boring family. Everything he has promised me was lies. Then once we got here we were no longer engaged. On his part why fix it if it is not broken. I did not know that he had heart attacks and can not fool around. He keeps promising that we will move but when it comes time his story changes once more. I find his family boring. We fight about them every day. So far everything that has happened is not his fault; so he thinks. He is GOD. I have almost came to the end of his road. Our caring relationship now is turning into hate. His best friend is games on the computer.
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2012

1) This man sounds like a narcissist. <br />
2) You cannot fix him, these people are deeply wounded and their partners are the last person able to heal them.<br />
3) You sound like a rescuer. This is a good thing where you can actually help, but in this case I'm certain he will pull you down with him.<br />
4) The only way he will change is if you let him go; either he will sink or he will seek the help he needs to change.<br />
5) Therefore you have to let go.<br />
<br />
Sorry ... but this happens all the time. It's not your fault, it's not even his in a sense. It's just a situation that does not work. The longer you stay the deeper your losses will be.

Your story involves the reader having to make a huge number of assumptions about the dynamic, simply to make sense of it.<br />
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But you HAVE got the important bit clear - "I have come almost to the end of this road".<br />
<br />
Best you formalise that.<br />
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Tread your own path.