Swobs Of The World Unite!

We are the SWOBs (spouses without benefit). By the looks of things, we are thousands strong. We are an invisible presence. Our friends. families and neighbors don't know about our predicament. We love our spouses. We love our families. We love the intimacy that we used to have. In my case, my wife and I went through dry periods earlier in our marriage, but we worked it out, and the passion came back greater than ever. Then menopause came and my wife’s equipment became dry and painful; she lost all desire, but I didn’t. So, like so many others here, I remain in sexual limbo - the sexual equivalent of all dressed up and nowhere to. But we are not powerless. We need to unite and start a new movement. We will be like swingers only we will be the SWOBers - half swingers and half fogies. You and I can get together and vent our unbridled passion with each other while my wife and your husband watch TV together. Then we swap back. Sound like a plan?
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Love the "SWOB". : )<br />
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I recently posted an article "Don't suffer in Silence, Doctor Urges Post-Menopausal Women" in my EP blog. It includes solutions for the dryness/pain. I hope you might read it and share it with your wife. Could help. <br />
At the same time, I agree with Unreality's comment above.

Thanks, I posted this tongue-in-cheek, but it is a real problem. It is interesting to see how everyone responded to it. I will check out the article, and it is probably time to have the talk again.

Honestly I had a real good laugh at your last sentances... oh if it was only that easy....

Ashley Madison already does what you're talking about. Also check out your local swingers groups. Although most want couples, periodically there's women looking for a birthday gang bang.

Hate to sound redundant, but if her "ahem" doesn't work - her mouth and her hands work just fine - there are ways around that. I think it's that they really just don't give a ****. I'm happy your satisfied in other ways in your relationship but for me? I can't get past the fact that the one need you have that (if you are going to stay married) only they can provide, they refuse, aggressively and vehemently.

I give the OP credit for the 'rally the disenfranchised troops' styled open invitation to have random hook ups. I especially love the raison d'etre - to give vent to frustrations and suppressed passions, to shrug off being invisible, etc... <br />
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I'll pass mate. Good attempt though.

Send them all to the moon. I am fed up with it. 10 years is way too much.

This is in direct competition with my groundbreaking organisation, the Community United Negating Terrible Sex - or C.U.N.T.S.<br />
<br />
I propose an amalgamation of our two organisations, or outright war !!<br />
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Tread your own path.

LOL!!! And I'm trying not to wake my 10 y.o. Son.

How about this for a plan. Before engaging in any of your above mentioned activity you consult a Divorce Lawyer form an exit plan from the advice given than keep it on standby because not if but when your refusing wife finds out about this her reaction is likely to be Volcanic.<br />
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Now regarding starting a movement you dont need anyone else to start this you can do it yourself.<br />
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You can relegate her to Room Mate Status insist she fend for herself, and not include her in your plans or hobbies dont assist with housework, etc etc.<br />
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That way she is recieving the message loud and clear that you have started your own movement and that you will not tolerate her actions.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck