I Could Curl Up With Someone And Fall Asleep On This Couch.

I seem to have this ability, or curse, to write in stream of consciousness mode... it's very much how I talk. Whether that is due an uninhibited mind or my basic nature of mental sloth is up for debate.
Today was a good day; I helped some people solve some problems, I did a little bit of my own work and I got to TXT my wife today. It's hotter than ten shades of hell outside and I feel REAL comfortable on this couch inside with the ac blasting away. It reminds me of winter.
I really love late fall and early winter. It's a time when there are plenty of nice ways to warm up... generally with another person. Nothing can quit compare to a lazy Sunday afternoon by a fireplace, reclining on a couch with the fragrant smell of a woman's hair filling your senses. The feel of soft warm skin brushing up next to your cheek... fingers entwined and slowly lulling to sleep by the gentle sound of the others breathe.
I miss that sharing of spirit when I get to enjoy moments like that. I think I'm going to try that with my wife when she gets home. It's not sex, but it's pleasant as well. I need to hold on to those moments and remember what they were like. I pray that she and I can share moments like that again soon.
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I am in Ohio, sounds like pig-latin huh?, where I do research at a Medical School. She wanted to spend some time with her childhood friend up in New England for the 4th. I miss closeness... I think I gave up the idea that I was indestructible when I hit 30, no... maybe 40. I just miss the tenderness... more than the sex, I miss sharing a part of my soul with someone. That is intimacy. Sounds disgusting for an alpha male huh? (...who am I kidding!)