Finding The Strength Within

For those of you following my story, the home isn't on the market yet. We've had a lot of push and pull. Power struggles. So much for my plan on everything being pleasant, respectful and acting as adults! He is behaving like a child who wants to have the most toys.

Its over the "stuff"and you know what .. its just stuff. I said to myself, Now is the time to get what you wanted and what you need. So, bit by bit I am gathering what I will need once we are done.

Mr. Bigshot even got the point that he pushed me. I told him that if he did that again, I will call the police and a lawyer. My sister in law is a lawyer. In our 15 years together he has never** raised a hand to me. He's become moody, bossy, and an ******* magnified. I know part of this is pressure from his family to get the ball rolling. 

He hasn't wasted time in his mind. As always, the cart before the horse. He has purchased  living room and kitchen furniture. However, he has not done much work around the home to get it ready for sale. But, he has purchased a condo. He talks about it all the time, how wonderful it will be, how new it will be and how better it will be then this home. In the four years we lived here he promised to do painting and today I am throwing out those cans of paint! Once the home sells, he is moving back home for 15 months to his parents. So, someone else can play real life Mommy again. I have checked out of that game a long time ago! 

The other evening a friend called to talk and before I could answer, he was on the phone with her airing the dirty laundry. Needless to say I wasn't happy about it and she told me not to say anything because she didn't want him causing her any problems. 

The dead date was July 1, 2012 and as I sit here its now July 6th and it is NOT on the market. I've now given until the end of July to have it listed no matter what.  

The recent set of events have made me realize I need out very soon. Very, very soon. Simply for my own sanity and well being. 
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Do not wait til the end of july, call tomorrow and put it up for sale.

I got nothin'.<br />
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Other than to advise newbies to read your run of stories. From the illusion you were under at story #1 where you thought he was a "good man" right up to here where the truth emerges. It's a good lesson in the inaccuracy of a position of thinking - "everything is great bar the sex"<br />
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Hope you don't take too much of a bath in the house sale MsS.<br />
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Tread your own path.