Something I miss----The Best Kisses.....start Out As Non-kisses

The best kisses start out as kisses that aren't actually kisses yet....the ones that start out where your lips are as close to touching as possible,,,but aren't actually touching...YET.

You are feeling their anticipation as you also anticipate the inevitable kiss to come....your lips may just graze over each others a little,,,but they don't actually touch yet.

You feel their breath quicken and maybe sense their heart beat through her hand that you are holding,,,,,,,,as you are as close to someone as humanly possible,,,,without yet kissing.

Then your lips brush over each others...... softly...teasingly,,,,,not kissing yet.....just the feel of her soft lips is enough......for now.

Then,,,,,,the kiss progresses with the proper foundation now laid for a proper, lengthy, passionate, sexy kiss. You feel her appreciation for your approach to the kiss when she teases you with her soft tongue over yours,,,and now, the kiss can lead to an amazing, fun, sexual experience......

Anyone in agreement with far as what they miss??

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11 Responses Jul 6, 2012

I miss looking into her eyes and seeing the love in them. Oh, to see that again...

I miss that the most

We do that yet

OMG!!! I totally agree!!!! Everything passionate starts with the look and the kiss.......slow and passionate building to the most wonderful moment. I love those and soulful kisses while your hands are caressing, exploring, feeling every single moment......

There has to be a connection......the minute the eyes is set in stone....the kiss is hot and wonderful....full of passion and give yourself totally to that person........and you have no doubt how much they want you.....

I can't say I never get those kinds of kisses but it's rare. I savor it when I do. I've been kissing the same man for 30 years and while I hope we are together the rest of our lives I'd love to have a 'first' kiss again. There's nothing like a first kiss.

**sigh** It's been a long time....

almost wish i'd not read this...sigh <br />
<br />
all good things start with that kind of kiss...

My recent (and the best ever) kisses actually started through e-mail... and leaded to amazing experience...

My ex barely ever kissed me and never/ever/ever with tongue. And, he thought my best feature was my lips! How ironic is that....he even had a close up shot of my lips on his cell phone as his picture but he barely ever kissed them....<br />
<br />

I really, really miss long deep passionate kissing. My wife never enjoyed kissing except once in a great while, and even then only as briefly as possible. No kissing at all during sex except on rare occasions. Sigh!

Amen, I think everyone posting here misses that. I would find the hour leading up to intercourse far more inviting and fun then the actual act itself.