F'n Cat

I posted my first EP story In this experience quite a while back. One of my rants was how I HATED feeling jealous of the attention my wife lavished on the F'n cat. Just happened again for the first time in a while a few hours ago..... ****...
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don't blame the cat! they just soak up anything anyone is willing to give.<br />
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'course, you could start giving him attention yourself. cats aren't incredibly loyal, ya know. <br />
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vicarious scratchin'

My ex would hold the dog for hours and sleep with her in his arms. He barely touched me.

Yep. After oodles of cuddles for the family dog, he will even go to the spare bedroom and have her big behind jump right up there beside him, while I go to my big king sized bed, alone again.

We had this situation... with friends... he would put more effort in... but the most hurtful was with the CHILDREN

How do you cite love for a cat in divorce proceedings? "Irreconcilable differences" don't really seem to do it justice.

Yes. I found W gave more attention to complete strangers than to me.<br />
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I think this can happen because they put us in a nice cosy (and sexless) place in their minds labelled "Dad" or "Husband". Anything but lover or intimate.

My spouse spent an hour curling her hair so she could look good when taking the dog to the vet (a female vet btw). Would she do the same for me... nope... I must be squarely labelled as a 'Husband.'

What a f'ck!ng situation! You get no strokes? We have no cat but he goes to bed without saying good night because he fears that I will follow and ... want his attention.