Belly Laughs

So, my 17month old daughter wakes up, nothing unusual there. I change her diaper, give her a bottle, sit her up on my lap. Still normal. At the same time as she's giggling at mommy kisses, she lets out a long belch a 12 year old would be proud of! Funny, right? But nothing to call cnn about. Then I, finding this absolutely hilarious, break into a loud, deep down belly laugh. (so what's my point? patience..... Lol)

Baby is scared of mommy's laugh. Sad, huh? She has rarely (if ever) heard it.

So that's my point, right? nope

Today is day 3 of my husband being gone on a work trip.

Telling, isn't it?
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My 4 yr. old (5 this month) granddaughter looked at me last night (after my husband had "Harrumphed" out of the room after my reaction to one of his cutting remarks (yes I know NOT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS) and said, "I hate you."<br />
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I couldn't believe it - it shocked and stung me - but this morning I am looking at my own behavior in this marriage. I ask for your patience and forgiveness if I say stupid things. I am very upset.

Wait until she one day hears mommy moaning in the bedroom at night. She'll bang on the LOCKED door, demanding to know why her stepdad is trying to kill you.

I love it when my husband is away on business trips. I wish he would go away more often. I just feel so much happier when he is gone.

Everyone brings happiness - some by arriving, others by leaving.

We always used to shout "Taxi!" I am STILL NOT SURE to this day why; to get away from the scene of the 'crime' as quickly as possible?<br />
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Yes, indeed, laughter, man's oldest form of therapy, even if it is at the cost of others too often. Better than sex, even? (sounds of sharp intakes of breath)<br />
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And your 17 month old daughter doing what comes naturally, doing what is essential without even being conscious of it being essential. How long do you think that will last, before she is told it's rude, what will others think, that it makes her sound uncouth, uncivilised, just like so many other things that we are told we must have hang-ups about? Ain't the pitfalls and traps of growing up just wonderful at times?

The old "pull my finger" trick just as I let rip with a fart always got a huge laugh with my kids.<br />
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Still does.<br />
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Tho' it probably says more about how I can still be juvenile without having to try too hard.<br />
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Tread your own path.

omg - my dad did the same thing. too funny. probably not lots of points with wifey but hey

Pfffft! ha ha! Ive never met anyone who did that irl! Id probably blush furiously before collapsing in a fit of giggles if someone tried it on me!

Thanks for the smile, crazy baz!

Mummy laughs are a natural right of parenthood. I truly hope you find your way to becoming a truly MAGNIFICENT laugher! It will be music to our ears when you tell us (in the future) that your daughter says "Oh Mum, you aren't laughing AGAIN are you?!!"<br />

Oh the thought of becoming a MAGNIFICENT laugher! It would be a miracle, because most of my life, people have commented, politely, that I have a DISTINCT sounding laugh.
Think braying donkey crossed with a hiccupping hyena!

No wonder baby was scared, lol. I hope she has a chance to get accustomed to it too.

ROFL!!! I once watched a video of a special event at which I was a key participant. After several minutes I asked the question: "Who IS that woman with that annoying laugh?" My colleagues collapsed laughing - I had not realised it was ME! Reality check . . .!!!

I *favorited* even though I just want to cry about it. But I've done the same to my dog. And realized the same thing. <br />
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crazy, isn't it? wtf moment, for sure. hugs back

Oh no, honey.<br />
<br />
May laughter find you soon...<br />
<br />
And, often. I would lose my mind if I didn't laugh. It is the one thing that got me through all of it.

oops, I meant that my crazy belly laughs are as rare as chicken lips lately. but chucles, smiles, grins and giggling with kids are still there. i have a new laugh, its "wtf, you have GOT to be kidding me!?" laugh. That one has gained popularity