The Main Players

Altough i am a relatively new member to this group i have managed to put up two stories and have spent 100's of hours reading and taking it all in.

I must admit that the advice offered here has helped me make necessary changes to my unhappy and sexless marriage. For that i am greatful to the people here.

So today i wanted to acknowledge some of the people here who i consider are the main players. Below are my top 5

1) Bazzar - Most things he writes make sense from a balanced scenario, he is also very able to draw a swift sword and point out when he feels a marriage is done. Has displayed quite a sense of sarcastic humor

2) Frustrated1978 - He usually encourages the victims of a Sexless Marriage to take a tougher stand with their Refusers and offer up some real consequences. His common line of tally up the bill and present them with the account owing is Gold and one that a lot here will do well in following. He has also shown compassion when warranted

3) Enna 30 - The Lady of wisdom. What more can i say. Usually spot on with her advice and assesment.

4) Chai 07 - Offers Cauitious but realistic advice.

5) Ron McDon - Always telling people to hurry up and Divorce as their reality is their partner no longer loves them.

There are many more here who make this forum the best on Experience Project. They all offer different but valuable stories & advice.

Thank you to all that contribute
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"Chai 07 - Offers Cauitious but realistic advice." <br />
<br />
You mean the b**ch who walked out on her long-suffering husband of 27 years with no warning and for no good reason? And then took up with another guy (who'd just dumped wife # 2) almost right away, chucked everything and moved to another city to live in sin with him? Who was probably cheating all along, I mean who really wants to go to all those out-of-town volunteer conferences unless they've got some ulterior motive? I bet she's got some tatoos where we can't see them.<br />
<br />
Yeah, SHE would be the one offering "cautious but realistic" advice! <br />
<br />
Thanks for putting me on the list, punchbag. I just thought I'd put it in perspective. You should always be careful what advice you take off the Internet. : )<br />
<br />
Baz and Enna30 are true gold, though, along with VaguestBaby.

Yes well you spoke to soon cause I should be number 1 LOL

maybe number 2 after Baz

Hey you havent seen you in a while. How are you? You want my no 2 lol

And Ocean is the most modest, know I lurve you! Muah!

LOL, what can I say thats me, and it sucks to be back, actually I never left.

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Brother Punchbag you flatter me. All i do is offer an opinion ba<x>sed on my life experiences. If that opinion helps someone thats fantastic. <br />
<br />
Your assessment of Brother Baz at number 1 is spot on. He is a legend on here<br />
<br />
Stay Strong & Good Luck