I Have Brainwashed My Best Friend

Heed my warning!  Sexlessness can also lead to brainwashing!  

There are many unforeseen consequences of a sexless marriage.  There are thousands of heart wrenching stories here, filled with pain & anguish.  But brainwashing??!!  Apparently, it is a skill that the "refused" develop to compensate for lack of sex.  We don't even know we are doing it!  And you thought there was only a "downside" to a sexless marriage!  Wrong!  If you stay in one long enough, like me, you too will develop these extraordinary skills!  So if you are thinking of leaving, I caution you to weigh your options.  The gift of becoming a " brainwasher" may be just the temptation that you need to stay in your sexless marriage indefinitely!  

Thank goodness my STBX has enlightened me!  He has made me aware of this power that I have!  I had no idea I was able to influence anyone so much.  

Last week, during an argument, my H told me that "I" have this gift!  Imagine my surprise when he brought up my best friend, Lucinda.  It seems, that I have "brainwashed" her!  OMG!  She has no idea what kind of person I am.  After 25 years of friendship, she thinks that I am a great friend.  She thinks I am a loyal, kind, funny, loving person.  She is wrong!  My H explained to me that I am really a cruel, evil, self centered, home wrecker.  Oh my poor, unsuspecting friend!  How was I able to brainwash her in such a manner that even I didn't know I was doing it?!  Maybe my H is correct!  Horrors!  I really AM cruel!

So this is a warning to all of you!  If you love your friends, keep them at a distance.  You don't want to accidentally influence their minds, like I have done!

Baaaa haa haa!

Your friend
Anewlife4me..... aka  " Brainwasher"
ANewLife4Me ANewLife4Me
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"These are not the droids you are looking for, move along"..........

I agree Miss Lee!! Yup, Frustrated1978, I have lowered the hood on my cloak & revealed my inner, evil self! Lol. <br />
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Lao, I knew that I liked you! But I didn't know we had. " brainwashing" powers in common! Too funny.....

I too am apparently in possession of such powers. My stbx had accused me of having convinced everyone else we knew that I am hardworking sincere and generally a nice guy when in actual fact I am manipulative, devious and extremely cunning and a terrible communicator who did not support her emotionally.

Your STBX is so ******* whacked.

Oh Dark Lord of the Sith you have finally revealed yourself! lol

Oh no! I was really looking forward to that Xmas card from you! <br />
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Ah ha! Good one Baz! Love it! <br />
<br />
I AM Eeeviiil! Beware........

You horrible manipulative person. GeeZuz !! Was I ever wrong about you !!!<br />
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Thank God that your husband has outed you and brought me to my senses. After all, you husband is one of the great compassionate and gifted cementheads of the modern era, and as such, his opinions are something I shall guide my life on forever more. His principles have served him well so far wouldn't you say.<br />
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Consider yourself removed from my Xmas card list.<br />
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Now I know why your original name included the numeral "13" you she devil. Why not go the whole hog and make it "666" ??<br />
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