Has Anyone Seen The The Trailer For Meryl Streeps Movie "hope Springs.."

If not google it for a good laugh!
Congratulations to all! Living in a Sexless Marriage is now Main Street kind of Stuff. My only bone of contention is that Meryl is a least 20 years older than I!

I try to keep laughing at myself, it's better than crying!
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Someone suggested we go see this movie. I think I would find it intensely painful. Just watching the preview scene where he jumps up when she tries to hug him made me cringe.

I understand but, doesn't this make you see how common our situation is? To be in a 20+ year marriage without physical intimacy?

Yeah, I started a thread over in the forum.

Laugh at the situation, the absurdity, but not at yourself. You don't deserve that. Nobody deserves that, well, ALMOST nobody. I do have a list of prospective candidates though...

Why not laugh at yourself?

I know it is not inevitable, but generally it is a downer. It all depends on whether you laugh at yourself as self-criticism, as a way of putting yourself down, or at undermining your own self-esteem. Whether any given situation warrants it or not, it is not the key to survival or moving forward, or even thriving. Been there, done it and found it to be so, so, sh*tty.

read your comment still laughing at myself; doing so reminds me that, in the whole scope of things, my life is not important to anyone but, me. It's rather liberating, don't you think?

Yes, it is liberating. But I've never thought about my life being important to anyone else, so I guess above all it would be a strange thing to find myself thinking about. If you are laughing at yourself to make light of the situation or to set your perspective on your life in a way that you think is balanced then I don't think there is probably much wrong with it. Allowing for your situation, are you as happy as you think you can be? Can you afford yourself a positive or forward-looking attitude?

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I've seen the previews on t.v. It looks like a "scented candles" movie.

Hi Miss:
What is a scented candles movie.....

Scented candles is just an expression used here in this group. It refers to doing all those crazy/silly things we do to get our spouses to screw us. Sexy lingerie, date nights, relationship books, etc. etc.

Hollywood ending for sure. He came to the realization that the physical relationship needed to be maintained or the emotional would not be possible.

What I find interesting is that it's a Hollywood movie where there man becomes uninterested in sex instead of the wife.

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