The End Of My Sexless Marriage.

To all here in ILASM, I joined this group almost 2 years ago. Looking for answers to my collapsing marriage. Trying to beat the odds.. Well, I had posted the following on another EP's spot. I will share it here as well.... English is my second language. Hope the contents will relate to the language of committed love and devastation of loosing that love. To all newbie who just joined. This board is reality. Stories being posted are not fictions but true life experiences. Learn from it. My finding are: It take two to make a marriage work. It doesn't matter how long the marriage lasted, when the spouse checked out, he or she is out. And Love is a four letter word.

After posting this story, I finally got enough courage to ask again for a divorce. This time with full intentions to follow through with it. I have no plans. All I have is I know I can survive without her. The pains she had caused me are so painful, it's numb to the touch. For 5 years, I gave and she took. My inner core tells me Family come first. Must keep family unit as a whole. Suck up the miseries and one day it will be better. I've been chasing the Happily thereafter Rainbow. Trying to beat the odds of not being a statistic. Well, I am a statistic now. Married for 24yrs, age 48, male, two kids, one adult (f), one teenager (m), Self-employed, asset $1.5mil. Reason of divorce: Ir-irreconcilable differences. Requesting full custody of the child. Asset split 50/50, Liabilities: assume all. The dark clouds are giving way to a big bright Sun. The rainbow is slowly fading. It's time to venture out and enjoy the Sun, on my own. My soul are fully exposed, hope I will not get burn.

Thx EP, your site been very supportive and I had made a lot of friends here. A lot of courageous and sad stories. Will use it and learn from it. Again, I just wanted to said thx to all and good living.
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Because I have been in your shoes, I can say with confidence that you will have a brighter tomorrow. I wish you the best in life.

That fully exposed soul is going to be vulnerable - but it is alsio the very BEST way to attract what you truly want and need to your life!! I'm so glad to see you have takenthedifficult but brave choice to live your own authentic life. May you find joy, happiness and sexual intimacy with someone who really fancies you and loves you back!!

Don't be a stranger ptat. You are an inspiration to many. Come back occasionally to tell us how you are doing and how your love life is progressing!

You have a lot of guts...courage. I wish you lots of luck in your new path x

When used wisely EP can really be the best support group you will ever find. Congratulations on your new beginning!