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Reason is not automatic... those who deny it cannot be conquered by it.


Ayn Rand
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Why it has to be complicated......it has to come within....

More than that, I've read an a scientific account (Mercier and Sperber) that discusses that reason has the ob<x>jective, not of establishing an impartial ob<x>jective view, but to bolster arguments with other people and influence them. And is subject to the usual raft of cognitive biases (confirmation, selective evidence etc).<br />
<br />
I amuse myself with dissecting the shvte that politicians & ideologs come out with, unfortunately, they are successful in putting one over on many of us most of the time.

I was looking at this more from the straightforward viewpoint of denial of the obvious because it's too emotionally painful... or inconvenient...

From a more philosophical viewpoint, our every interaction has a selfish basis, as we can only think of things from our own viewpoint, and as much as we may attempt to empathize, we can only do so within our own narrow field of experience. Of course we use reason to influence others to our point of view... there is little point applying it to the inanimate or the non sentient.

I think their point was that, you could assume that - at least to ourselves - we would want an accurate story that reflected reality because that would benefit us in some utilitarian sense. People do not do this, and it was describing social mechanisms (reasons) for this peculiar behavior. That is to say, we have bias and irrationality built-in, for social advantage.

Not sure if you consider them people or not... but it would appear you have never met a philosopher...

Fantastic, great fun. Actually, I'm a fan of both Nietzsche and Montaigne. I know, a strange combo.

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True! It's kind of funny how many things Ayn Rand said that I totally agree with, yet I disagree strongly with her overall "Rich always = good" philosophy.

Very apt FoP!