My Lover - Updated

We can't often be together online but the time we've spent together is amazing. Before we realize it hours have gone by and we do our best to compress that time into a little package, slip it into our pocket, and take it with us.   Every once in while we remove the box and peek inside reliving that time over again.

Our needs are different yet fit together as if designed exclusively for us. We seem to complete a circle that allows us to feel ... as one.  I'll freely admit that her eyes make me melt in a way I could never resist. Reality hasn't changed. Our real lives move forward with little change but now we find some comfort for ourselves. We have never met..... yet. This seems to be our best topic of conversation.

We made a commitment to meet. After much planning it happened. We met not for a few hours but for a few days instead. Every comment I made above remains completely intact. It was if we had known each other for a very long time. Sure, there were anxious feelings before which would be natural but faded within seconds.

It's not often compete harmony fulfills our every need and desire. The rest of the world did not exist for us .... that was fine with me.

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2 Responses Jul 22, 2012

Don't know you, but find myself very happy for you - after having read "my lover" and then seeing your update. Congratulations, hope it was amazing!

This was something that most only think about doing. I lived the moment!

I am guessing from your status update that you know the feeling of being wanted, and needed! I hope it was all you hoped it would be!