How To Get Money To Leave Your Husband

I came across this link after googling something similar to the above title. Interesting reading and may be useful to some here, male or female, even though it's geared towards females.

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Thanks for the sharing... :)

Thank you for the link. I just ordered Suzie's book!

I read the head lines and it said open a checking account and bond with others who are going through the same thing... nothing to substantial to bank on, to save money.<br />
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my mom told me to buy american exp money orders so if i did lose the money, i could get it back. instead of leaving it under a rock or mattress for some one to find. <br />
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u can hide money in ur pay pal acount....i hid money in my storage unit along with other things to keep his hands out of it .....i didnt want a paper trail of money, so the storage unit was a good place to hide my money etc, he didnt know i had, it was in my name, so no one but me could get to it ....

More of this needed here.

Funny stuff. I knew a guy from work many years ago who married a real nut case. She was abusive (verbally), would stalk him at work, got him fired from his previous job & latter this job due to her behavior. I mean a real true to life psycho.<br />
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But hey at least the sex was good or so he claimed. Anyway after a few years of this he left her. HER parents offered him over 200K to take her back because she moved in with them.....He<br />
<br />
Bang Away<br />

Anything to help increase the GOSS is a plus! Thanks!