At My Boiling Point

After reading a few of the stories on here i realized. I am not alone in this battle. Been married only 5 years and sex been dropping the last 4. This year sex only 4 times. I have had it. My female friends tell me to go find a side piece or just leave. I have a 3 yr old daughter, so i will wait a few more years. But i am prepping to get out. She is not even fazed by the flux of divorces among my friends. She just does not care.
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Call a divorce lawyer now. <br />
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She is pretending not to care about the other divorces just like she pretended to love you long ago. <br />
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You don't run and get a divorce, you have to try to save your marriage. Sexual attractions to your partner changes because you get used to each other, that is only natural it happens to everyone. That exciting feeling dwindles so you have to work at it. Maybe he should see a doctor his hormones could be off. Or go see a marriage counselor you have a child to think of.<br />
If he mistreats you, or abuses you or your child than get out. But otherwise try out my advise in the previous my response .

Well either you have let yourself get very over weight or you just don't care how you look. You have to learn how to turn your man on. Take a wonderful bubble bath very scented, put on something very sexy and seduce him - ***** and dance for him- you should enjoy doing that-and he will too. Make it exciting and be mysterious as if you were not the same person. You know the Mommy. Get a baby sitter and go to a hotel. have sex in every room in the house surprise him with something new- get a sex book and learn different positions. Spice it up.and you will get all the sex that you want. I know

You forgot to mention scented candles. Very, very important. Did you actually READ the OP? You are telling a 36-40 yo straight male to turn his man on by doing a ***** tease. Hilarious.

All girls love bacon.

What are you really waiting for? How is a 6 year old different than a 3 year old? I feel when children are little like that, it's easier to break up a marriage than at any other time (other than when they are grown). <br />
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It's difficult - but there's no reason to hang on. Think about your happiness; you can still be a great dad and not live with her mom.

If you can suck it up for a while, then learn two things:<br />
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1. Surfing in Incognito or Hidden mode in your browser<br />
2. Spend the time between now and then to help make things shake out in the way that is best for you and your child.


OK, before you reach 212F/100C, get yourself off to a lawyer in your jurisdiction to find out how a divorce would shake out for you.<br />
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You need to play this out with a full deck, with all the things that you can control controlled. Quality information is that deck.<br />
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Keep your cool at this stage. Gather your information. From that information, plan your way through. <br />
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Tread your own path.

I am of a similiar age and can honestly tell you once sex dies up, if it cant be fixed you might need to accelerate your exit plan cause brother being sexless at our age is hell.<br />
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The important thing is to start planning your exit strategy. Part of this process is to see a Lawyer find out your rights and plan it ba<x>sed on the advice given.<br />
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Knock into shape a doable exit strategy and have it ready to go. Because if this continues you will either end up leaving her or ingage in affair behavour.<br />
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I did this and know. Your damned if you do and your damned if your dont. Prepare yourself an exit strategy. Its your insurance plan.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck