I Am Getting There

I just got back from another city where I am in process of purchasing a home. I feel good about the house because I can afford it with the money my mother left me as an inheritance. I have suffered terribly over her loss. I wrote on here in March when she passed. I have not had sex or a touch from the man I live with since then. He did not even attend her funeral, This is all beside the point.

The main deal is I am moving ahead. I told my husband this and as expected he called our 3 kids into the living room and told them "mom has decided to buy a house for her to sleep around in". This is nothing new and they are used to hearing this. He told them I was a **** in 2006 when I left him and had a new boyfriend. At that time, because my oldest son was in tears I ended the relationship with the other man.

I am over all of this. I have a great education. My father supports this. My kids even get it except my little guy (of course). The funny thing is he texted me and said he was going up to this same city co he could get a job and we could all live together. He can and should live there to support his children--just not in my new house!!!!! I guess I am going to have to explain this again to him.

I also find the realtor guy kinda sexy and he is single. He probably would not go for it as I guess it would seem inappropriate since he is representing me in a real estate transaction. He has asked me where my husband is in all this. I also found out that he attends the same church that I used to in that city.

Dear God, I need someone to hold me, touch me and make love to me....please make it happen.

Sad to be married wife.
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I need someone like you too

Rated up! Full speed ahead! <br />
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As usual, I will voice my dissenting opinion with the rest of the ILIASM crowd: you are one of the few people who sounds like they need a lawyer the least. You sound like you can handle law yourself! <br />
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Make sure that you can document what your husband has been saying to your children. Tell that to a judge and tell the judge that your husband refused to have sex with you since blah blah blah. <br />
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Heck, it sounds like your exit plan needs very little more than spray-paint therapy on the garage door.

A strange man, your husband. Under any other circumstances it might be bemusing even amusing, but it isn't and it isn't. I suggest that you get yourself a powered megaphone and rent space on a few strategic billboards around you and do the necessary.<br />
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It's a pity that you couldn't have explained to your kids that being married, being a **** is just supposed to be fine. Unfortunately, they wouldn't get it but there are plenty of opportunities in the future to put the record straight albeit not quite so crudely.

Please, PLEASE tell me that you have got this all stitched up with a lawyer - and that the drone cannot gets his hooks into your new house and your new life.<br />
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Tread your own path.