I don't understand why my Husband doesn't want me anymore
sarawaters47 sarawaters47
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A better question is: "Why do you want him?"

There are alot of reasons that effect the sex life of married couples, is it just the sex or is the more problems.I have`nt been intimate with my wife in 5 years due to diabetes and her BP plus a car accident that broke a bone in her back and she has been in constant pain ever since. There are lots of women and men out here that share this same problem. Here you can release some of the pain by talking hving the support of everyone.

Sara, I am alone also,been married afew times, divorced a few times. I live in Tampa Florida. Your post just somehow hit me. Why you?? do you think we can talk online? I sure hope so cause I like talking,But have a real good ear when needed

hi sara; are you there?

hey sweetheart. when it's over it's over. get over it!!!!!!!! find yourself a man who loves you for who you are. screw him and here's to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hooray for you!!!!!!!!

i wante to you


I was there, My bf of 3 years stopped having sex with me 8 months before I broke up with him. Broke my heart but sometimes people grow apart. Maybe that's what has happened to you?

Maybe the better question is "Why do you want someone so desperately who doesn't want you?"

Well, there's your first cry for, at least.<br />
<br />
You're going to need to share more, for us to attempt to help you :)

Micro-epiphany: What distinguishes refusers from counter-refusers? Answer --- refusers never ask the question you ask, because the answer is obvious. Also, refusers are rarely on ILIASM.

Perhaps you lack depth...<br />
<br />
OK, seriously. People fall out of love. Interests, personalities, and expectations change over time. You probably just aren't a good match any more, and your H simply wants something different than you.

Would it make any difference, any difference at all, if you knew "why" ??<br />
<br />
How would it do so ?? <br />
<br />
He'd still be just as intimacy averse, whether you know "why" or you don't know "why".<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.