Having Sex Or Making Love?

Today I wrote something that I felt a need to share  part of it here. 


I do not want to have sex, I want to make love.  I want the foreplay for the next love making session to start immediately after the current one is over.  The light touch, the squeeze when the kids aren’t looking.  A glimpse of naked breast in the parking lot, the dirty glance across the room, the passionate kiss when least expected.  The loving attitude while cutting my hair.  A seductive gesture during dinner.  All of these things building in crescendo, an exotic dance of foreplay lasting sometimes mere hours and often days.  And when it is time to express our love for one another, we are not limited by time or location; we are uninhibited in our actions; we do not methodically plan it out.  It is spontaneous, and from the heart.

This is the essence of being a sensual being.  This is what I live for.  This is who I am.

Kavonr Kavonr
8 Responses Jun 24, 2008

Wow. All I can say is wow. That actually transported me back to a time 15 years ago - before I met my husband. I was poor as dirt, overworked, directionless...and ridiculously happy with my then-boyfriend. Here's to bad decisions...

Nice post Kavonr... It just reminds me and I’m sure everyone here what we have all lost!!<br />
I miss those days terribly!

WOW is right. It made me cry as I remember the days of making love that are long gone. I understand now what's missing in my life. Kavonr your'e one paragraph is worth more than all of my years of professinal help. Thanks!

Lonelyandsad,<br />
It could happen, but it would take effort from BOTH people.


Very nice.

Ah yes, I miss those days. I'm sure we'll all find them again. Well said.

you couldnt have said it better!