Maybe Its My Job...

Well this is me....
I have my own business doing home renovation, property management and maintenance. And since about the age of twelve I have been building/renovating homes with my family. It is in my blood and it is my passion. I can do it all from framing to finishing, and my current hobby is making furniture. I have struggled for years being in a male predominant field but I wouldn't change a thing. Currently am the general contractor on site and manage several sub-trades (all men).
These men who have been my friends for years think my husband is nuts. Several have even proposed. :)

My husband is NOT handy one bit and maybe I do intimidate him (I don't know)

In the past I have told him just because I can use power tools, doesn't make me less of a woman or manly. (my hammer is pink)
And just because I love sex and would like to have it as much as possible does not make me abnormal.

Maybe its time for me to rethink EVERYTHING concerning my marriage.

We are total opposites.... Maybe that old saying is a load of ****.

Maybe its time to move on and find my match.

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I was a carpenter, and I think it's one of the sexiest things about me! It's not your job. IT'S YOUR HUSBAND.

Maybe for HIM it is your job. Who knows? But if it is, that's him who's crazy.<br />
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I've always worked or studied in male dominated areas. I'm not particularly skilled at the handy stuff, but I like me some power tools. I like messing around with things like that. My husband, not so much. But recently he made the point of telling my son that I wasn't as handy as I thought I was.

Consulted a lawyer yet ? (see prior comments on prior stories)<br />
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Tread your own path.

Actually I have an appointment next week. :)

Speaking as a woman working in a male-dominated field I can assure you ... no, it's not your job. <br />
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And I wish I could hire you .... really need the family room/kitchen renovated ...

Never trust a man who wont pork his missus. (Medical Reasons excluded)<br />
I suggest you start planning for a future without this bonehead.<br />
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Stay Strong & Good Luck

The way it sounds it doesn't seem that you are good for one another.

You are not abnormal, your husband is nuts.<br />
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There are plenty of real men who would love their wives to get off their arses and grab a power tool, your talents and abilities are impressive!

Thanks Ra, I am at a point where i will never feel bad about my passions.

If there's no hope of any change in your husband for him to want sex with you, then yes, it is probably time to move on. <br />
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I have so much admiration for women who can do carpentry.

I think it is time too
Thanks :)