My Wife Want To Be With Other Men

Well here it it is I have been married for 13 years I have one son anxious the first two year we had sex on most every day but now I can not remember when was the last time that had sex so here is the problem my wife thinks about other men not just other men black men I am white and she is to I do not know why she want a black man and not me but all I want is her I do not know what to do I have said to her that if she need to be with another man that I would let her but I would have to meet him and know everything that thay did and I mean everything or be in the room I love her so much that I will do anything to make her happy I will not ly that thought of see her with another man turns me on is there anyone out there that can help
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3 Responses Aug 10, 2012

Wow bro..I can't imagine..maybe as open as she might just have to take it to another stuff you haven't.(get kinky)..somehow you have to make it new..such as roll play.or be of luck bro

If you punctuate this story in interesting ways, it reads **** funny.<br />
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Tread your own path.

While reading it, my mental voice of the string was like a robot who was programmed in a foreign language but is trying to learn Engrish on its own.

What do YOU want? What would make YOU happy?