Over The Fence

Posted my story on 4 July.
Been an interesting time since then to say the least.

Anyway, last night I stumbled on some paperwork relating to loans taken out by my wife, in her name only thankfully.
This is not the first time she has done this.
I spoke to her about our current financial situation and she basically lied to me saying she hadn't any outstanding debt. She was gobsmacked when I waved the paperwork I had found under her nose.
I guess this was the final straw for me.
How can I do anything or help if I don't know about this stuff.

Packed a bag and headed out into the night.

Thankfully, i've stashed some money etc for an exit and have a plan.

Thanks to everyone for their support.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2012

For each of us, it's something that becomes the last straw and we leave. For you, it was the loan papers. <br />
It doesn't matter what the trigger is, just that it works. <br />
It's certainly better on the other side of the fence. Welcome.

Personal anecdote.<br />
<br />
In my marriage, various things gradually went off the marital table over the years.<br />
<br />
It ended up, in reality, to be a Financial Partnership. And I treated it as such. Just about everything was off the marital table at that point, but she was still a reliable and trusted Financial Partner. We might not have had much of a relationship at that point, but we still had that.<br />
<br />
Then, she put that at risk.<br />
<br />
So there was nothing left to stay for. The last brick in the foundation had crumbled, as had all the other bricks before that.<br />
<br />
I left.<br />
<br />
Tread your own path.