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Both my husband I are products of Sexless Marriages. After getting over the financial ripoffs of our respective spouses, his much worse than mine, we are left with his son and daughter and my son and daughter taking on themselves to use their children, our grandchildren as innocent pawns to hurt us.Humanity at it's most vile and acts that we will never forgive. Any one who uses an innocent child as a form of punishment of blackmail towards us lives with the devil.

How my wonderfully kind husband and I spawned such totally evil people is beyond us. None of the four of them will ever be considered as family but their children are innocent pawns. The Karma that they are creating will mean many hardships along their life paths. I have always been in touch with spiritual things and I have no doubt that one or more of therm will eventually approach us for whatever reason. Not one of the four of them will ever experience a moment where they will not feel shame. A natural lesson of life.

To receive our forgiveness will be long in coming if ever. Some hurts run too deep. Their utter arrogance has been placed in a higher authority. Hatred that the four of them live with will eventually destroy them all. It is out of our hands now. Knowing this brings us peace.D
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This is something that I am having a hard time grasping tonight. I cannot relate to intentional cruelty FOIA. I can forgive actions of hurt from ignorance but intentional cruelty is something I have a problem with. Any human being who gets satisfaction from hurting another person creates a Karma that will come back to influence their own lives. Peace,D

Dartist. I am concerned I may have caused confusion with you. I meant the THEY should have had the good grace to live and let live because they do not know all the facts and for that matter they have no idea when they might be in a similar position. I really hate it when people take such moralistic and absolutist positions about almost anything. The world and our lives in it are rarely that black-and-white. For me, at least, it demonstrates an incapability or unwillingness to challenge yourself, your own attitudes, your own values and allow others to simply exist. Whether you should or can forgive any of that is solely for you and your partner to decide upon. I would not presume to lecture you about that.

The greatest grace is to live and let live, should there be any opportunity at all.